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Multithreading And How It Affects A Revolution Bot

Hi there! I saw there was recent activity on this board from a customer and DJ - and was linked. I do have a specific question about threads and how the bot might react to a given problem (given I don't have a bot yet - just coding for fun and as concept - but might be a good question...

Another Question!

How does one mount. say, a 3 Servo Arm with Claw to a Revolution Six? I did read that the six doesn't need all six legs for stability, and I guess he could walk on 5 legs - if I detach one so I can mount the arm - but is there a way to have him have all six legs (because it looks cool, plus I don't really want to have to start calling him 'five' or...

Another Piece Of Code.

Awhile ago I said I would try to get the SDK to be able to google stuff via voice command, someone said that would be great so here it is! I don't have a mic to currently use but I've coded a one-button hard-coded search for a 'concept' to prove it's doable. As a note I'll move further examples of random things I come up with into the C# forum. I...

Weird Question

I'm selling my MacBook Pro today and I was hoping to order a robot, is there any chance I could make an interac email money transfer? Rather than find someone with a credit card because that's complicated? Sorry for being weird about it :)

Hi There!

This is honestly the coolest idea I've ever come across. I used to play a game called MindRover extensively, where you built a robot to do various things (like race, capture the flag or fights to the death) and then played against the computer or your friends. I recently resurrected the game to play with a friend of mine who's an electrical...

Curious. . .

Does the software have a simulator? I'd love to start coding pronto, even before I place / receive my order. Anyone know? I think that'd be super cool.

Last Post Of The Night, Promise!

Is it possible to buy a AR Parrot Drone? I don't see him on the Shop, and he's super interesting. Goodnight all. Thanks for dealing with my spam on the forums :) -Jare
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