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Hi Folks

Just found my way here after watching some amazing videos of the projects in this community. I started collecting robot rc toys and I have a Trendmasters lost in space 24" B9 coming from an ebay auction. I want to mod him although not as ambitiously as the amazing build here on the forum. Im thinking of adding lighting and a bluetooth speaker so I can transmit sound files (The two most obvious ommisions in this toy is a boring sticker for the chest plate and the fact he only uses 2 phrases). Later on I am considering adding ez b to give him moving arms and such. I am curious if the community wanted to share more photo's of the toy's insides. I hope to leave them i tact for now. I do have a couple wall-e toys that I can sell if anyone is looking. 1 u command and a smaller one.Also a Robo Reptile from the robo sapien line I can let go cheap!:)


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Welcome @4R2D33700! You have great taste! Lost in Space B9 is one of the coolest robots ever (but I'm very biased) and you cant go wrong with WallE.

One of our members here ( bret.tallent) has made one of the coolest mini B9's I've ever seen. Maybe your talking about his build. Here's a couple links to his various showcase projects:

Next Hack - Robot B9

I Shall Call Him.mini B

Enjoy and have fun! I really hope you come back and show us everything you do as you progress!

Have fun!
Thanks for the shout out Dave! Justin Ratliff of the community now has Mini-B and is updating him, but I am always happy to answer any questions.
Yes your mini B build was truly impressive! I really hope the new owner gets to finish it. I know you basically gutted him but how hard would it be to open him up drill holes etc and leave the electronics intact?
Oh cool. I was studying photos and noticed it has a lot of screw holes . I saw how easy it looks to take over control of a robosapien toy would it be possible to sauter this toy to an ez b board?

Bret, I love the claws you made any insight into how you created them?
I think to tie it directly to the EZ-B would be a DJ question. As for the claws, I cut them out of a sheet of ABS plastic and mounted them through a PVC pipe end cap. THen I put a servo in between them to open and close them. There on pics on my build thread (the link is above).
Cool, I need to look at your thread a little harder. Do you have plans for the led's on his chest?
United Kingdom
First, welcome to the forum.

Second, the V4 doesn't support the Robosapien anymore so chances of taking over the bot in a similar way are probably nil. Having said that, half the fun is figuring out how to convert a toy to an EZ-Robot:)
Oic... I was watching a video where a guy wired up an arduino board to an old rc to so i figured ez b could do the same kind of thing. He attached it to the h bridge of an old rc truck. An h bridge would not hurt this to as he only goes forward and turns one direction.

Figured brets lighting kit out. He did what I plan on doing.

Spotted this on ebay: