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Heres Something Different So Far. Part 2

Here are a few updated pictures of my robot ROAMIN since I have painted him. The bottom piece I am still working on, so it's still in primer, but it will be painted gun metal gray soon. He is coming around slowly, I think he is looking good. User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image Sorry about the bad lighting, its early in the morning, at least you can see him.


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looking pretty cool:D are you gunna paint black on the arms blue or are you gunna keep them black and grey?


Well I have been thinking about painting the black sections of the arms blue, the hands are a little bit tricky, so I will just have to see. I am waiting for speakers to come that I have on order to put into the holes on the sides under the arms, once I get them in and fitted, I will find me some 2 inch speaker grills and paint them blue also. Just trying to keep it as clean and smooth looking as possible, looking at adding a decal or some sort of design or symbol on the front lower section of the robot, I might even do some pin striping in blue to add even more detail and make things stand out abit more. The painting and pin striping come naturally to me, because of my experience painting and detailing real cars and trucks. The back of my robot I have the doors where the batteries go done also in blue, I am going to put the EZ V4 inside of the upper door on the back and the lower door is where the big battery will go. I am also working on designing some shoulder shields which also will be painted blue, still go plenty of time, since I am waiting for my preorder kit and things :-}


Hey I know I said it before but this set up really works well together!


@stonewolf I can tell you're experienced that's a killer paint job!


stonewolf, Your robot is developing into an awesome build. I sure like the quality paint job. It looks very professional. Steve S


Thank you to all, I appreciate the compliments on the robot and the painting I have done :-} I was debating on what colors to use, I had a 1984 Dodge Rampage I restored a few years ago and I did it in gun metal gray and trimmed it in blue and it to got many compliments and well the two colors are very good together, so I thought I would try it on my robot, as you can see it to blended well together. I am the type of person that would rather take something old and restore it, than to buy new, seems like anymore if you can make the old things work, they are far better than the new. I guess I am just old school, with a touch of modern day, but the old school comes through so much more. I really cannot wait to bring this robot to life, oh well I can only dream about it for now, hopefully by June or July my V4 kit and other things on preorder will be here.


the eyes will chine very neet.awesome color.two robot mixed stunning.your robot is reddy for future year 3000 :D


Those two colors that you have used just seem perfect for your robot. It's always tough deciding what color will be major and minor.


Well like I said it's still got aways to go. I have to work on the drivetrain, well I should say fix, the 2 wheels that I will call glider wheels which aren't motorized. I have to fix the plastic pieces that hold the little axles shafts in place, I am going to my local Lowes store tomorrow and see what I can find, I have an idea what I am going to use. The light fixture in the middle of the chest has 5 good size led lights that really light up the room, the 2 speakers on both sides of the robot under its arms will be for the weather radio and music, then I am using the original speaker areas in the front for when he speaks. So all together he is a combination of a Omnibot 2000, Robie Sr. robot and a Robosapien V2 robot, connecting the 2 bodies was a slight challenge, almost no room for error when cutting and grinding, that sort of made me nervous when I was doing it. At this time I am sort of just admiring the project, I get ideas popping into my head, but then I don't want to screw things up making a stupid move. When all done he will be a indoor home robotic companion, hopefully good company to talk to and be able to do somethings as well as be able to inform about the news and weather and music. I also want to come up with a way so that when his battery power gets low, he will be able to recharge himself when needed, that will be another idea to work on.


He looks really awesome so far - very impressive.


Thanks bret.tallent, I still have aways to go to match a build like yours :-} Well I received the speakers for the sides of my robot, they are 2 inch speakers and they are matching the holes that are already cut out perfectly, well just a minor adjustment and then I have to find or make some speaker grills for them. It's coming along slowly, but surely, you all know how it goes :-}

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On the chest you can add a computer for mapping and other things