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Help Obtaining RGB 8X8 LED Matrix E-19 Display Module?

Can anyone point me to a way to purchase a RGB 8x8 LED Matrix E-19 Display module?
After watching the roll out video for 8x8 RGB (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iwhcii0WCHs&feature=youtu.be) and github (https://github.com/synthiam/E-19_RGB_8x8_Display/tree/master/E-19%20Hardware)
(and Thank you to Jeremie et al for putting all that together!)
it’s well beyond my capabilities, (and at the ez-robot products site, it is still listed as coming soon) and I need help. 

Thank you for any suggestions, I really appreciate the Synthiam software and site it has been a tremendous help to my robot project!
-Richard 'Twitch’ R

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Thanks for the positive feedback Richard! I'm really glad you're interested in it.

Definitely contact EZ-Robot. I believe they had plans to manufacture it but you'll have to confirm with them.
Thanks for the quick responses Jeremie and DJ (I know you must be super busy, and i really appreciate it)!
Yes i saw that github info, which is very impressive (to the limited extent i can comprehend it, ha : )  Unfortunately, I don't possess the skills to bring all that together myself (as Socrates said, "First, know thyself." ha).
I contacted EZ-Robot directly with a query, and i imagine that I will be put on their 'update me when this product becomes available' list, and I will update this thread when i hear back from that query with some positive news on that front.
In the meantime, I'm hoping some community member may have built one extra that's no longer being used, or obtained an extra demo unit, or are building one and wouldn't mind building two, that they might be willing to help me out or point me in the right direction.
Thank you and please let me know if anybody has any ideas for me? Thanks again.
-Richard 'Twitch’ R
Id love to buy a prebuilt one myself. It looks cool. and id feal better buying one all prpogrammed and tested.