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Help Obtaining RGB 8X8 LED Matrix E-19 Display Module?

Can anyone point me to a way to purchase a RGB 8x8 LED Matrix E-19 Display module? After watching the roll out video for 8x8 RGB ( and github ( (and Thank you to Jeremie et al for putting all that together!) it’s...

Controlcommand(Script Manager, Scriptstartwait) -- Just Adding A Bit Of Docume

Thought Id add this little bit of documentation for using ScriptStartWait with the ScriptManager (my apologies if this is already documented somewhere -- or if this behavior is fixed or different in the most-recent version). The Cheat Sheet helps me choose a script from the script manager like this: ControlCommand("Script Manager",...

Ideas For Scrolling Text On A Led Array?

Hello all, I’d like to use a PC to send text (up to 250 chars) to a scrolling LED display, and the PC would need to send a different text string every minute or two. I would be happy to use ARC for this, but other options would be acceptable also. (Im thinking maybe I could simply send ascii text over a serial port? but i havent found any solutions...
Led Spotlight With Brightness Control Via Ezb Advice?

Led Spotlight With Brightness Control Via Ezb Advice?

Hi all, I could use some advice from more knowledgeable folks (and more knowledgeable than me’ in this case likely...
Help To Print A New Jd Head Design (Adding A 'Bell-Bottom') For A Character

Help To Print A New Jd Head Design (Adding A Bell-Bottom) For A Character

Hi all, this is my first post, and so i apologize in advance for etiquette...
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