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Resolved Resolved by Dave Schulpius!

Help With Vr On New Pc

We purchased a new Asus PC w windows 8.
EZ builder loaded fine and after pairing, I was able to connect.
I can not get any VR commands to operate? I did get it to respond at first to "Yes" on RSS News feed twice.
Maybe I have something toggled wrong? The VR pause box is not checked.
I noticed that the sound servo LEDS on my robots mouth freeze when I try commands, otherwise they light according to volume. When I load my file, EZ builder says VR successfully loaded.
I am not familiar with win 8.
I also can not save to cloud, it might be my internet is too slow. My old Vista PC would not save to cloud either. I am looking forward to eventually using the I phone app with the new EZB4.
Steve S


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I don't know anything about win 8 but with the Win 7 I'm using I had to set up the VR in windows and do a little training before I was able to get it to work with ARC. Have a look in the control panel in windows 8 and see if you can get it started through there.
are you logging in first before trying to save to cloud? Personally ive not saved projects there but i will start soon. you can download a tool called classic shell, i use it. it makes navigation easier more like win 7
United Kingdom
Is speech recognition set up in Windows 8? Visit the control panel and go through the speech recognition set up there first.

ARC uses the windows SAPI which must be set up and trained before it will work. You will probably find commands are a little hard to get to work too at first without much training, train it more through the windows control panel.

Also, make sure the language is set to the correct one. ARC requires the English - US language.
Thank you Dave you were the first person to answer my question referring me to the Control Panel.
After the windows eight voice recognition training everything worked perfect up to the high 90s success rate.
I discovered that the windows key and the letter X brings up the control panel in Windows 8.
It reminds me of the old DOS keys. I have a lot to learn with Windows 8 but the speech synthesis is much easier to understand when my robot speaks now.
She can now pronunciate all of my grandkids names correctly.
Thank you also Rich and Josh. Tomorrow I will try saving to cloud when there are less people on our Internet and I will also make sure I am logged in first.
E Z robot community is great!
Thank you,
Steve S
Yaaah! Score! I finally got a credit! It's a great day when I can get the jump on Rich an Josh. These two guys are like Superman and Batman of EZ Robots forum support. The rest of us must just live here in Gothlem City.

Seriously, I'm glad you've got your win 8 VR working. Sometimes it's just an EZ fix. That's probably why I was able to get in ahead of the two wiz kids. The meek shill inherit the earth. I'll now step back and let the mighty rule.

Just have fun,
Dave Schulpius