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Help Needed To Replace Servo On J D Foot

We need replace the servo on JDs foot. We cannot seem to remove the entire old servo from the white cover. What do we do?

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Look where I have circled in red below in your picture... There should be a black screw.... This is how you remove the servo from the bracket. Just remove the screw and gently pull the white plastic bracket off of the servo spline... ... No need to take the entire servo apart....
User-inserted image
We removed the screw and pulled but the white part wouldn't come off. It seems like it needs to be unscrewed somehow. We didn't mean to take apart the servo - and there was no backing on it (as there is on the spare included in our kit).

Basically you're saying tug harder to remove it?
Yes, pull a little harder... maybe wiggle it a little as you are pulling. They can be a bit stubborn to remove... Careful not to hit yourself it the face when it gives LOL....:) If all else fails maybe use a flat head (slot) screwdriver to pry it off... Remember you are trying to protect the bracket from damage since the servo is obviously dead...
It will not budge off the white cover (is that the "bracket" you speak of?). There is a copper colored wheel behind it; does that need to be turned with some tiny pliers?
The copper colored "wheel" is a gear. It is mated to geared teeth in the white plastic bracket. Just pull it straight down harder. Maybe wiggle a little. Do NOT turn or twist it or you will strip the gear in the bracket.

Try placing a flat screwdriver between the servo top and the bracket and pry a little on each side.

As long as you removed he screw it is just pressure fit. Just a lot of pulling and gentle rocking of the bracket will be required.