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Help Me With Camera Servo Tracking Please


So I tried out the Camera servo tracking today. I clicked the settings for the camera module, selected my horizontal and vertical servo, set its min and max and then checked enable servo tracking. Then I checked color, and held a red object for the camera to track.

The camera shows a box around the object but when I move it towards one end of the screen the servos do not move. I double checked the enable servo tracking is enabled. I can move the servos manually with my joystick but the tracking just does not work. Does it work for anyone else in the newest version of ARC 6-5-13 ?

Before I updated the x tracking would work but not the y tracking. After the update the tracking does not work at all....

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Visit the GRID tab and adjust the grids:)


Tracking is working perfectly now! Even the y axis bug from before is gone. I dragged the grids lines to create 9 equal size squares on the video square. Now tracking keeps the object in the center square. Adjusting the color settings and frame rates helped get tracking to work really good. Thanks DJ


Awesome to hear! Thanks for the props dude:)

I'm really proud of the new camera code. It runs smoother than ever!


ill be the judge of that! lo. I have had a problem with wall-e camera tracking so the update may be all I need to have it working smooth.

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@Technopro you may want to have a read of this topic too then. Some good tips for smoothing the motion.