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Help Functions Not Working

I downloaded and installed ARC on Sunday. The help functions don't respond. Neither the individual window "?" buttons, the Online help button or the Community Forum button. Is this a know bug or did the install fail somehow?

Thanks for your help.


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The question marks in the software will bring you to EZ-Robot's website and to the specific page for that control.

Have you denied permissions for other applications to use your internet browser?


octbuilder i would uninstall the ARC reboot pc and install back.

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Nomad, that will not solve it since it's not ARC at fault. The problem is something (probably permissions within Windows) is denying ARC opening web pages.

All question marks and links in ARC 2015.03.01.00 work without issue.


octBuilder - it sounds like permissions on your PC, perhaps from Virus or Spam scanning software. All of the buttons you referenced will open your default web browser. This is done using the Microsoft Windows function call - which is generic across any application that opens your default web browser. If your virus scanner or spam scanner is preventing this, the browser will not open.

Please disable any of your virus or spam scanners.


I had the same issue, I was using Avast anti virus I uninstalled it and downloaded AVG instead I've not had a problem since.



ah thanks for telling.


Hi all, Thanks for the fast response. I normally have apps opening my browser without any problems, so I don't think that is it. I have Norton Security as my antivirus and firewall, but disabling this has not made a difference. I've been restarting ARC each time I make a change. I've white listed EZ-robot in Ghostery and Ad blocker plus, to no effect.

I hate the thought of having to uninstall Norton. Is that what I need?

I've noticed that the TCP server is stopped when I restart ARC. Is that relevant or is it because I don't have a robot connected?

Thanks again.

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A little free professional advice, remove Norton before it causes insane headaches (including stopping your PC booting!). Norton used to be a big name in security, it's now a joke. It's not even included in some tests for "best AV" by some companies as it's worthless.

Uninstall all norton products and replace them with something which works. If you want free software I suggest Avast or AVG, both are decent at stopping malware and viruses. With that and Windows Defender plus Malwarebytes AntiMalware you are covered for 99% of issues for free.

TCP server should be stopped when you start ARC. That is normal.


I'll second @Rich's advice. May or may not be related to the issue you are experiencing, but Norton is junk..



Hey, I used to work for Symantec:) it's not THAT bad. Although I would recommend other scanners over it these days.

As for other apps loading the web browser, it would be done the same way as we do. You will also experience connection issues with most virus scanners to the ezb. This is because the ezb connection is not an "expected" internet protocol, as it's written specifically for ezrobots. There are no internet protocols fast enough for our requirements. But that topic is out of scope to your question.


Symantic's enterprise application "Endpoint Protection" is OK, but their consumer products bite... Way too much overhead which slows even powerful computers to a crawl, poor detection rate of real threats while at the same time throwing false positives on benign applications. They rate near the bottom of almost every comparative test, including against free alternatives.




As a just-in-case figured I'd ask: when you click on the help buttons are you connected to the Internet or to the EZ-B wifi network? You'll need to be connected to an Internet enabled network.


@Jeremie or should I say shy Jimmy :P... You just maybe the smartest guy I know.... Very good point! :)


Also another good virus protection platform is Viper. You can get it with a license for up to 10 PCs for lifetime protection for around $100.


I haven't used anti virus software for the last 10 years.... I guess you guys are going to tell me I am flirting with disaster.... However, to this day, I have never had a virus... Maybe I need to knock on wood... :D

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@Richard, the PC I am on right now has no protection at all. I only have it on my office PC as a precaution (since it has far too much valuable stuff on it) but I've not run virus protection on this PC nor my laptop for a very long time. So no, you aren't flirting with anything, you just have common sense (presumably...)


I don't use virus scanners - because I don't surf porn or download "free" software :)

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But just in case, here's some wood for you to knock on Richard. :P

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@Dj.... Totally agree... if you don't go down dark alley ways, you don't get mugged....

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Just to note, I use AVG free and have done for some time. Great for basic protection and plays nice with ARC with no issues whatsoever.


I haven't replaced Norton yet, but I will be based on all the comments. To answer Jeremie, I am connected to the internet. Otherwise this conversation would not be possible (correct?). But since you mentioned it, is there a way to confirm the communication status? Any diagnostic tools?


Confirm the communication status to the internet? As in, can ARC connect to the internet? Enter your user credentials in Preferences and press Verify & Save

BUT! That won't test the issue that you are having. The issue you are having is Windows PC not allowing the default web browser to be opened by ARC. With or without an internet connection, the browser will load.


I agree , I do not use a active virus scanner , If I need to download something I have a Quarantine PC to download it on from untrusted sources and then test it before putting it on my main machine. Generally speaking I don't download "free stuff" because there is always a catch.


I don't run it on my machines. I have a Linux box that downloads go to first and they are scanned. Also, the firewall I have scans for viruses in content as it comes into my network. I do have defender enabled though.

There are a lot of ways to still protect yourself without killing the performance on your devices.


Thank you all for your help. I ran various scanners to look for system problems. They did not find anything that seemed significant, but now ARC works.

I'm not sure who should get credit in this case, but I'll give credit to Rich for pointing out the problems with Norton.

Thanks again.