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Help For New User

I am purchasing the EV.B v4 controller and plan to use it for robots I make using my servos and mechanical parts (not from EZ). I downloaded the software and I'm trying to learn what it can do for me. I saw the JD example, containing actions and frames someone has prepared .I create a new project, but , despite the many helps and tutorials, I can't find how to create my own actions and frames and make them work.
I must learn to do a very simple thing: make some servos move in a specific way , by frames and actions prepared by me.
It's probably a trivial question for you expert users !
Thanks for your answer.


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If something says "EZB" then you need an EZB. An EZ-B is the item that you had ordered, so without it, anything that says it uses the EZ-B will not be useful. The control in question is the Microphone, and the manual can be viewed by pressing the ? question mark next to the X close button. Here is a direct link for your convenience: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Help.aspx?id=198

If any control mentions the EZ-B, such as the microphone, it cannot be used without an EZ-B. If a control mentions the PC speaker, it will be used by the PC speaker and not the EZ-B. The manual exclusively mentions the control. The manual page will be very useful for you to read for each control.
darn how can i missed that.thanks for corection.
Also, keep in mind that if something says PC, it may also mention ezb because it sends data or receives from the ezb.

In short, the software is designed for the ezb.
i wouldn though off that.thats what i like about ARC,you learn avery day something.
Thanks everybody .
Few words by one (or more) experienced guys are often more effective than reading tutorials and trying to guess what the writer wanted to say.
That's "team work". I love it.
hi guys,
I'm trying to use ARC in another PC. I need an account to access EZ cloud, but in this PC I get an error: "the underlying connection was closed: could not establish trust relationship, etc,,,," I haven't any idea about the meaning of this message, and what to do .
No tutorial or help found for this !
try using same account as you have here but on the other pc then.
when you can login there download ARC from there to.
Looks like an SSL certificate chain issue. What version of Windows are you running? Windows 7 is minimum. Make sure you have the latest dotnet installed and have updated windows with all important and critical updates.

Also try Uninstalling and reinstalling ARC.

In future, better to start a new thread fir new issues with better discription in the subject. Like instead of "help for new user" something like "error logging onto EZ Cloud". But don't start a new thread now that we are discussing it here.

Yes Alan, it says"could'n't estalish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel".
The 2nd PC I'm trying to use was not used for a long time, has win 7, and probably has not been updated.
I am updating it and then going to try again.
I've updated, but it was not possible to load all updates.
At a certain point I got a message from microsoft:
"not possible to search for new updates"
" win update unknown error, code 80072F8F" !
God knows what's going on.
The EZ error is still there.
the 2nd PC has been off for one year and needs fixing and installing a lot of updates. A hard work ! but it's not necessary !
I saw that the date set was wrong (last year !). I set the right date and now the EZ error is fixed ! I didn't think a date was so important . Thank for your advice.

Meanwhile, i discovered EZ SCRIPTS. That's an extremely powerful specialized robot- programming language . With that you can easily do everything!
To do such things with basic or assembly in a PIC MCU (like I used) would be much more complex!
I need to understand a detail about that. I tried putting the script "say("hello") in Actions window (edit script), I saved it , and clicking" run" i have heard the speech.
But when I execute the action containing the script ( Auto Position window), I see "done", but don't hear anything. What have I missed ?
Scripts are typically not done in autopositions (although you can attach a script to them, that is not the best way to learn about them). Using a script object or the scriot manager object (which can hold many scripts) is the place to start.

You don't have a ezb. You don't hear anything until you get an ezb. The Auto Position won't run to run the scripts because there is no ezb.

Please reference my earlier responses about needing an ezb.
Also, it's a good idea to help by reminding you to use the learn section when you do get the ezb. There are activities: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Course/6

Once you look at that link, there is information about ARC, ezscript, and even how to access the hundreds of example projects.
I experimented many issues without EZB. It's a great instrument !
It's time to close this thread . I'll open a new one when I have the ezb.
Thanks to JD, Alan, Nomad for helping to enter the ez world.

I hate Hobbyking, giving little information on the status of delivery. They say "supplied" and give a tracking number that always says " not able to track at the moment" . No answer to my requests to Hobbyking contact center.

Does somebody know some FAST (and cheap) way to get the ezb? I might even order another one.
Buy directly from the online store here... If it is in stock you usually get it pretty quick...
United Kingdom
Ordered on a Thursday online, at my door on a Tuesday here in the UK.

Think thats says alot about the speed of delivery from the Online shop.

Well Done EZ-Robot
Great to hear:)

Thanks for the feedback with hobby King. I will have our account manager notify them for suggested improvements.

Most companies ship with postal service, not an accelerated service such as dhl. Those generic postal services do not provide much tracking either. I'm suffering from that right now. I ordered a package from sain Robotics beginning of April and their support continually repeats "wait another 5-7 business days". 2 months to receive a package is terrible.
Dj Sures, It's hard to wait ! I NEED my EZB !
Hobby king use a shipper located in Singapore (!) called "Speedpost" (they should change name !)

Ordering in UK is great . I often had the parcel the following day !
Immediate tracking, with airplanes going London to Frankfurt, to Venice and to Rome in a single night.
But I didn't find the Ezb there, or the price was much higher.