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Hello! Introducing Myself.

Hi robot fans,

I'm Chrissi! I just joined the EZ-Robot team this week. I'm going to be working on improving the website and community forum, and adding some cool super secret features. :D

If you see a girl on the camera around a lot in the back room, that's probably me! I'll need some time to get acquainted with the community and I'd love to get to know everyone and the cool projects you're working on.


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I'm sure the rest of the community will join me in giving you a warm welcome.

Cool super secret features? I can't wait to see what they are... :)


Welcome to EZ-Robot world!

:):):):) J


Welcome Chrissi! Can't wait to see what you bring to the ez-robot world!


chrissi - Glad to read about you joining the EZ-Team. Looking forward to your contributions within this great forum.


Awesome! I thought I saw a lady being busy in the web cams!:) Welcome " abot" This is the best forum any where on the planet! Cool new Forum feature "eh" looking forward! Before "my time" there was a chat feature which sometimes would be a good thing for those who are, well, chatty, but on the other side of the coin it is important to keep fixes on the Forum for all to find! Think about building your own Six or JD to sit on your desk keeping you entertained....I am sure people who work at chocolate factories "sample" the product to make better informed judgments !
Waiting with "robotted" breath for enhancements and changes :)


I don't chime in very often but when I do I might as well say .. welcome aboard. :)


chrissi :-} Welcome to our robotic family :-} You are working with a great bunch of people and well you are also going to get to know a lot of creative and very intelligent people here :-} I believe a lot of good things are going to come, so get ready for one heck of an adventure :-} Looking forward to your super secret features, variety is good :-}


Congrats on joining the team. Hope to see posts of the new features you add.


@chrissi - Hello and congratulations on joining the EZ-Robot team. Is this your first job managing a site and forum community like this?

Can I be nosy and ask techie questions? - What tools do you use to manage the site and forum? Do you contract with a hosting company or support your own servers? I work in IT, and support some asp pages, so I like to be nosy and ask what other folks are using. :)

And speaking of website and forum updates, I've been seeing some new fancy picture scrolling headers on a few of the threads - is that part of your work? It looks pretty cool!


Welcome to the insanity Chrissi! Cant wait to see what magic you can weave. :)


Thanks guys! A lot of the work I do will go unnoticed by most people since it's background stuff. As for the "cool super secret features" I mentioned, please be patient! They could be a way down the line. And I can't say what they are or they wouldn't be super secret now would they? ;)

I haven't made any modifications yet so I'm not sure about the "scrolling headers". And I don't have any robots of my own yet. But there are plenty around the office to play with, so I won't get bored! :)


@chrissi- RUN! Run now while you still can. These people are animals. LOL JK This is the greatest bunch of folks I've ever known. Welcome, Im excited to hear they now have someone dedicated to the website/online community. I can't wait to seen the new features.

Warmest of welcoms, Anton


Welcome Chrissi, you are so lucky to be part of the EZ-B team. Feel free to post any new features that may be coming up we promise to keep it a secret ,we won't tell anyone not even DJ.

Best Wishes Pat