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Hello Ez Robot People

Hi everyone. I wanted to take an opportunity to introduce myself and say hello.

I've been "tinkering" with Robots since I was 6. My father bought me my first robot at a Heathkit shop (not many people remember those). Ever since then it's been a dream to own a Heathkit Hero, Hero 2000, etc.

I'm still a novice when it comes to programming, so when i found this site and all the tools, I was super excited to get started.

Hope to have some great conversations and share even better stories/projects.

Look forward to meeting everyone.



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United Kingdom
Welcome to the site.

Someone on here showed a Hero the other week if memory serves me correctly (I may have dreamt it mind you)...

ARC etc. doesn't take long to go from novice to being able to hold your own, I've only had my kit for a couple of months and didn't get on to the EZ-B side of things for a while after getting it but it's just like it says on the box, EZ!..:)
Hello! I would also love to have a hero! I spent my childhood drooling over pigs of them in magazines lol
I'll post some pics up. I have a Heathkit Hero Jr and the new Whitebox Robotics 914-PC Bot. They're insanely awesome!

My dad still has the old Heathkit mags.
Yeah, I had built several Heathkit projects in my day. But never got the robot(s). Wish I had now.
Hello, there several years I built Heathkit Hero 1 with robotic arms, voice ... several weeks of fun :)
Very cool mm , you will find lots of support and friendship here on the EZ forum....DJ , brett, Rich, robotmaker ,Dave ,clode are just a few of the pillors of this Forum. Enjoy:)
Do you still have either of these guys?
I do. Still have both. Been trying to get my hands on a Hero 2000, but they’re so hard to find and super expensive.
Have you ever wanted a omnibot 2000 or regular omnibot?
I looked at them, but stuck with the Heathkit Hero’s. It’s the nostalgia of it
I alawys liked the Heathkits. the robots are the coolest of their time.