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Hello, All!

I've completed a purchase requisition for several EZ-Robot Kits for my students. I have no idea when the actual purchase order will be completed and the kits ordered. But, we're excited about the potential to build robots.

I do have a question, though. I know nothing about robots. What are "shields"?


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Never mind...apparently a shield is some type of circuit board...or maybe I'm close.


you close, and your order will take about 5 to 15 days. I receive mine in 5 days.



Shields are ardrino(another microcontroller) addons.

you will have fun. what will your students be focusing on? just have fun and build a robot? or will you have requirements?

I'm twelve almost thirteen and I have partically built a wall-e and have been working on a rc car robot. I have my own website that shows my projects and other cool stuff.

enjoy playing with the ez-b!


Thanks for the warm welcome! It's for a campus technology club, so although we know this will be educational, we were also looking for a fun activity to add to our academic calendar for 2013-2014. And, so far the interest level is high...and we haven't built a thing, yet. Some of my students are true programmers, others are more excited about the ARC software application. All of them have different ideas for creating robots. They're a creative group.


Shields are compatible with ezb , here is a complete list

Shields are a modular add on that perform functions like interface a LCD , GPS tracking , 4 axis gyroscope for balance or even quadrotor flying robot add on electric motor controllers. Many things that can be done separately but are compact and plug right it. Hope you like the community!

Josh S


Welcome to the community! I just want to say that if i had been introduced to robots at a school age i would most likely have made it my career. Ive just started with no prior experience in programming or robotics and Ez-b and the Ez-robot community have made it possible to achieve SO MUCH in such a short time. Ez-b is AWESOME for learning as you go, youve made an excellent choice. I wish you and your students much success.