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Hector Slam Navigation Navigation Messaging System (NMS)

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I need to implement a hector slam navigation Navigation Messaging System (NMS) for indoor navigation on 2 wheel robot platform I'm in Africa and I'm running low on resources i cant get intel depth cameras working on a medical robot project (nonprofitable) here is my available hardware 1-Hitachi-LG LDS Lidar 2-Kinect Xbox 360 3-2Wheel Encoder Counter 4-win10 companion computer latepanda I am afraid of working with the Kinect Xbox 360 system. I have seen some interventions and comments related to its inaccuracy. I am forced to use it because I have no other alternative. based on these components Can I build the (hector slam navigation) level 3 system? @DJ Sures

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You bet. I would just use the lidar at first and don't worry about the wheel encoder or xbox. The lidar does a really good job on it's own - specifically if you're not moving the robot too quickly.

Follow this setup guide


ok i will try and report here thanks alot for your support