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Heavy Duty Servo Spline

I would like to find out what style of spline the heavy duty servos have.

Thanks in advance.


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@DJ, I think Darathian wants to know what the spline configuration is.

I think if it's the same as the previous servos from the kit; they are Futaba standard spline 25T 3F (going by servo city's specs).

Someone at EZ Robot will have to confirm this though.


The fulana standards are 25T.. THE hitec are 24t... I Had some problems ordering wrong parts from Servocity... Lol.. I found out that most servos (including the Chinese mg's) are futaba similar... Abs, Tevans.


I mean.. The "FUTABA"" lol...


@Steve1DH and tevans

Thanks for your answers guys.

Seems that Hitec also makes at least one servo series (HS-83XXTH series) with 25 Teeth splines which adds to the spline confusion.

@DJ Sures and crew

Can you guys please confirm the teeth count on the servo spline of the heavy duty servo's or perhaps just tell me the model and manufacturer. I am looking at a number of different wheels and need to know that they will work with the servo's.



I'm pretty sure its 25. I have some tower pro mg80s and they are 25 as well. I believe most are 25 except for hi tech. If anything you could just count them.


It is good to know how many teeth on the servo so you can match the horn.


I would like to thank everyone for their input.