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Heavy Duty Servo Requiring External Power Source

If I had a Heavy Duty servo Requiring External Power source ,HOW would I hook it up to the servo? My batteries now are 3800mha , should be more than enough power.




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Signal wire (that's white or yellow) goes to signal on ezb , do not use pos pin. from ezb at all. Then connect servo to 6v power source by pos red wire and black ground , the ground is spliced into two and the other lead goes to ground on that servo channel.of ezb just as ground reference. Done....:)


Thanks, Josh! I knew I could count on you.



Cool board , it is pricy but could save Someone.some soldering.


This is an old thread, but I found it after wondering about this myself... but unfortunately not finding any clarity in the manual or tutorials, thus I started slogging through the forums. Tada! Apparently there is a purpose for those two pins tantalizingly labeled EXT PWR right above D14:)

So for anyone else who is looking...

External servo Power Source for EZB

So in addition to RTFM I add SearchTheFlippinForums:D

PS... and to think, I was starting to design a breakout board for my own purposes... but as @Lumpy has shown, it is already done:P


Hi gunner previously we determined that if you do not want to permanently modify your board you may do the simple approach . Don't use the pos pin on ezb only ground and signal then the high torque pos wire is direct to power source as well as the ground spliced and also is connected to external power source. This way if most your servos are regular and only one or two high torque you don't need to permanently modify the board.


Hey Josh, I am at work right now (working hard can't you see;)) so don't have my EZ-B to look at (silly me:P), but I was thinking of adding a little switch across the cut trace that would allow me to go back and forth. And unless I am wrong, I thought the mod only affects ports D0-D14, leaving D15-D19 on EZ-B power for non-heavy loads.

I rarely like to "permanently" modify anything as I always want to try something else... I tend to lean on the the over-engineered side if possible:D


I think your right. It just makes me nervous to mod the board lol


I agree... and if I had the cash I would totally get one of those breakout boards because of that. But alas, I already have a switch:P Hmmm, EZ-B v3.2 now with EXT PWR jumper!:D


:/ take pics and let me know how that goes.


I just purchased lots of servo ext cables and jumper wires so I could do it manually.