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Heads Up. New Stuff In The Store

Hey guys, new items in the store including an extended camera cable and 5V voltage regulators... Wooo, hooo...:)

Well, what do you know... They are doing something other than playing pinball:P


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This is cool, I am always a dollar short and a day late (or early).
It will be on my next order.
I have been waiting for this.

now all they have to add is a gyroscopic sensor and ill be all set:D
and part #8 would be nice
thisone,they come in chop in the fall.
the little thats in the chest.where the arm comes on.
United Kingdom
Funnily enough, I sent off an email asking about camera and LED extension cables a few weeks ago. Great to see they are available to purchase now :D, and a couple of extra regulators will come in handy too. Thanks guys. Ordering mine now. :)


One question before I order, are the cables "male" to "female" connections, I.e, can be used as extensions on existing cables? Looking at the pics they look like "female" to "female" but I can't be sure looking at it on a mobile screen.
The description of the cables says they replace, not extend, the camera cable. So two longer lengths, but can't be chained together apparently.

@Steve... As Alan mentioned, looks like the longer camera cables are indeed replacement, not extension cables... Still 60cm (or 2 feet) has to be plenty long enough for most applications... I bought 5 yesterday...:)
United Kingdom
I thought as much. That's a shame *stress*. Must admit that I didn't read the discription fully as I was busy at the time. The camera ribbon should be long enough for me though. Thanks for confirming Alan & Richard.
Yep, just want to confirm with you that the camera cables are a replacement for the original. One is the standard size and the other is a 2 foot cable.
United Kingdom
Thanks Jeremie. Placing an order anyway as I can still use them. Great addition to the shop. :)
2 Ft should be just long enough for my big bot if I place the EZ-B carefully.

Would have preferred a 3 foot, or extension cables so that it could be extended as long as needed, but this is a good start.

I'll order when I have enough requirements built up to justify shipping (don't want to delay my outstanding orders), or I'll set up a group buy if enough US users have interest.