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Hbridge Motor Control. And Joy Stick?

hi all
I have wired my motor up HBridge Motor Control. as per the post in

post #2
and it works ok
my question is how do i now control it using a joystick?


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Hi Baloo, I have my robot B.O.B. controlled via joystick. When you use the joystick control in ARC you assign the Movement Panel and it just works! I love it.
@bret.tallent "it just works" ... now i feel like apple:D
Well I now have my chassis, it's the track base from a 1:16 scale Tiger tank
Using DJ 4 wire HBridge Motor Control see:Post #2

As the HBridge Motor Control has a switch for internal or external +5V for EA and EB , I used the external +5V from the PWM , but find that the motors stalls when the speed is set to less the 30%, so I'll leave it to at 50% min.
The power off/on switch under the chassis will later be moved to the back panel of the chassis.
The joystick is now working:)

Now to add the radar :D
I've tried hooking up and controlling my bot with a joystick controller. Does not work. I am using the L289N dual motor driver ( that I finally got to work) with the 4 wire movement panel. When I open the joystick config window I see that the buttons work but the joysticks do not. DJ's tutorial video says that the (Upper) joystick#1 should control what ever Movement Panel is open. I'm using the "wired" joystick BTW. So, is it me, or are the robot gods just singling me out for punishment?