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Having Problem With The Forward.

Hello Guys,
Can anyone please tell me what I am doing wrong when I use the Forward command in a script. This is what I am doing.
I have even tried Forward([Slow])
I get the same error message.

Error message
Syntax ERROR on line 2: Slow is not a valid speed.
Expecting Fastest, Fast, Slow, or Slowest.

This was just a test script using the BV4113 motor controller I just got.
Can some please tell me what I am doing wrong *confused*



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I think the documentation is dated. I'll have to change that. It's supposed to be a number between 0 and 255

BV4113 speed is not supported at this time. It's on the list.
Thanks DJ and Thegoodrobot for your quick reply.
Forward() does work for me. I was just playing with the controller to see
If I had setup right and also to play with scripting.

It would be great if we could have different speeds with the BV4113 controller.

I have one other question if I may.
Can you use 2 battery's? One for the EZB and another just for the motor?
I am using an 7 cell 8.4Volt 5000 MAH battery. I also have a 6 Volt 4.5AH
Battery. I am using the 8.4 Volt battery for my Ominbot. I am concerned
that once I start having it run around that the battery will drain quickly.

Thanks for all the help.

you can use two seperate batteries, but i wouldn't. I use a 4.5 amp battery, and my omnibot runs for ever it seems. I haven't seen the battery die yet.

If you do decide to run both batteries, then connect one to the bv4113 motor power, and the other to the ezb. Should be fine like that, becuase the common grounds will be shared on the bv4113.
I decided to just use the one battery (8.4v 600 MAH).
All the movement commands are working; I just cannot control the speed.
Thank again guys.

I'm still new to this stuff but I've got an idea that might give you a "turbo" option and hence some speed control:

1. Split the power source going to the H-Bridge in two.
2. Connect a resistor in series to the first power line.
3. Connect a NPN transistor to the second power line.

The value of the resistor will limit the juice flowing to the dc motors until the transistor is turned on. When the transistor is activated, the dc motors will kick up a notch for a "turbo" setting.

I've been meaning to try this myself but haven't gotten to it yet.
Hi Choyster,

That sounds like a good way to go for now. I will give it a try when I get a chance. I will let you know how things go.

Speed control on the BV4113 is only a week or so away:) maybe two