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Yeah I saw it and wow for 130$ the sky could be full of them. It uses a WiFi connection , I think the AR drone parrot does as well , but DJ would be best to answer that one.


YES i thought it would be a great add-on for EZB


This looks pretty cool but its too small to fit an EZ-B and power supply onto. If it doesnt use the board, I dont think DJ will be writing any special code for ARC to interface with it. He has done for other bots like robosapian but it has the EZ-B board attached.

--EDIT-- blush My apologies to you. I was incorrect in this case. He has done it for the AR Drone.


@Leversofpower you should give the idea to DJ i know he has a lot of work making the EZB better,but good to add to his very long list.


I ordered one, as the window is closing and the retail price will be double. Supposedly, it's not going to be shipped until July 2013. Initially it comes with some kind of non-WIFI remote. They mention the WIFI and Camera are extra. Looks very cutting edge compared to everything else that is out there for sale. I figured once it's out DJ could use a similar process he used with the Brookestone rover and the parrot drone to be controlled by the software, packet sniffing or what ever. They have an SDK coming out with it and I might be able to code a bridge plugin for ARC. Been biting my nails over buying an EZ-B now or waiting for the mini to come out... Anyone heard an ETA for the MINI-B?


@robotmaker I would, but ideas are a dime a dozen. We all know it's the 99% perspiration that counts.;)


I gave DJ some many many ROBOTS that can use EZB Almost every day i am buying another robot


@robotmaker , a fitting name indeed. I would love to see a short YT vid with all your bots.:)