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Maybe someone who got a confirmed shipping notice might chime here to lets us know if the Revolution bots have indeed begun shipping?


contact D.J. at the support ezb email address. You will get an answer much quicker.

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The JD robots wont have started shipping yet. Six is first on the list, JD had some minor alterations to be made so is trailing and Roli will be the last to be shipping.

I haven't heard of anyone who has had any update on their order yet however it is imminent.


I have just boards and cameras in my order.... nothing yet in regards to shipping either for me


I am still so surprised how dead it is on here.... considering the boards and developer kits were supposed to have begun shipping by the end of June.... where are all these new EZB4 users?


I've been waiting for years on Kickstarter for projects. Just takes time....


Has anyone ordered just a camera and tried to checkout ?


@ Robot-Doc - Everything in the shop is on July "pre-order", including items they don't even manufacture. I added a motor controller to my cart just to see and it says it's in pre-order status.

I guess if I wanted to be a dick about it, I could complain that my order is late. Pre-order status on Roli says shipping in July. Clearly that didn't happen....for anyone wanting a Roli.


I woke up one morning last week to find that one of my orders for a camera from May 14 had been cancelled

I hadn't eaten yet (therefore particularly angry) so before I threw all my toys out of the pram and send a barrage of emails I thought I check, and they had in fact added the order to my earlier order (Feb 14) for an EZ-b4.

This tells me they are obviously looking at the orders. So now its just a waiting game.

Andre. sleep


my first order was a camera and i got it a few weeks later. this is like a tikking bom ,the orders will be flying out the door any day soon. it always has bin like this when you dont exspect it there it is. some are slow and some are fast.

thru it can be frustrating,but you cant let it get to you. where all in this together. lets post some idea insteadt.


Finally able to order goodies, get them into the basket and then checkout. Had to use Internet Explorer instead of Mozilla Firefox.


great to heat it work robot-doc


All of the Developer Kits are in the mail and in transit as we speak. There were a ton to prep and ship but we finally caught up! We are just waiting on our Chinese counterparts to share the tracking numbers and I will be updating all orders (for this time only, they kept all tracking numbers in one large doc and are sharing this week)..All other EZ-B v4 and accessories orders are being handled this week, along with the first round of Revolution Robots (Six Only).


yea first round of Revolution is in the mail.





I have been waiting for my v4 camera to get my new head completed. I have a feeling in the next couple of weeks these forums are going to be rocking :)


I ordered a developer's kit but it still says it is in step 2 (processing order). I also ordered some extra servos, is It not in shipping because of that or has it just not been updated? Thank you for the hard work in getting EZ robot started!


"We are just waiting on our Chinese counterparts to share the tracking numbers and I will be updating all orders (for this time only, they kept all tracking numbers in one large doc and are sharing this week)."

I read this as they dont have tracking numbers to enter in the orders due to everything getting setup with this process. I am sure the order will be updated this week if there is a way to problematically import this into the order processing system.


Ugh. Got a roli a day before they shipped. The back of the line starts here!


I have expressed my faith , I ordered a couple ez board V4 and camera. Because I know they will deliver :)


@Samfox241.... Roli hasn't started shipping yet, so you really are at the back of the line.... LOL


i odered the jd robot,extra ez-b4 batt and charger&servo's.

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I have a Six on it's way (not received any update yet though but I'm confident that'll come shortly).

I'll be ordering a JD just as soon as I can order just a JD (minor bug in the checkout if store credit is more than order value - not a complaint, I certainly appreciate being able to afford a JD using nothing but credit). :)


rich howmany questions still to go for a rolli,hahaha

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65 more and I'd have enough credit to get a Roli too. One day it may get there but I'd rather get an army of JDs or a bunch of DIY parts and figure out a hybrid of the lot of them :)

Anyway, hopefully we will start hearing reports of shipping soon or even better, videos of robots! :D


Ordered 3 dev kits, Six, JD and Roli, along with some misc parts and an additional V4, camera, batteries, chargers....

By the time you see that I have received my order, all other orders should be fulfilled. It is the worst possible scenario, but will be worth it.

The additional V4, Camera, batteries, Charger, Ping Sensor and base were on its own order, so I hope they don't combine them at some point. That would push this stuff back to the time that Roli is available, I would be going crazy reading all of the comments on the boards, and looking at my headless wall-e with all of the build complete except for camera and V4. He is collecting dust and my daughter asks me about it quite often.


i can do 65 questions.:) first one comming soon

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Just as long as you don't abuse the credit system. To be honest I doubt Ill spend much of my store credit, I dont do what I do for it I do it because I want to :)


What does step 1 awaiting review mean?


It means they haven't looked at your order yet.... They will soon enough so don't worry..


My Roli was moved to status 3 on 8-6-14 and the tracking info says it went to BC Canada and recipient was not home. Not sure if they are going to EZ-Robot first and then being sent from them to me but I just wanted to chime in and say my Roli was marked as shipped. (It's under a different account. My GF ordered it as my Xmas present last year.) I've posted elsewhere and hit up the Contact Us page so, when I get some more info on this I'll let you all know.


I would like to get my order before my grandkids become adults..This taking too much time.Here it is almost the middle of August...back to school....


I have been reading that folks are getting shipping information , but so far they have all been development kits.

I read that the Six will be shipping this month.

Please post something here when you get a confirmation on anything other than a development kit please. I will do the same. I have a Six and a JD on order since early Feb.

I'm surprised that they shipped your Rolli as I was understanding the SIX and JD would ship before the Rolli's did.


@Antron007.... I would contact EZ Robot as it sounds like someone screwed up... got the wrong tracking number or used a re-cycled tracking # that hasn't been cleared the of previous info in it.... To my knowledge (as HippieGeek said) we were told only the developer kits have begun shipping.......


I meant "began shipping" as in revolution robots, not the folk. Sorry bout that


@samfox241... None of the Robots have shipped yet, just the developer's kits so far... Six will be the first to ship, then JD and finally Roli... As DJ mentioned in another post Roli is to begin shipping at the end of August.... Remember, however there are many orders ahead of yours (as I believe you just ordered one the other day) so read into that as you will... Either way you are going to need to be patient....


The logistics of shipping is a really big process. The tracking information is not automated yet, so it requires manual labor.

We may appear quiet because things ran going very well. No news is good news.

Also, our team is working crazy hours to get the logistics sorted out. The process is being altered every day for efficiency.

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What richard r said was true the developers kits have began shipping i recieved mine today


@Mohamed.r.... Post a picture dude... few people here have seen a complete production kit... :)


@RichardR.... Thanks for the input. That seems to add up. I won't know more until i get home and have my GF check her email but that seems like what has happened. I too would like to see some pics of that kit so hopefully Mo can get some posted.


Picked up my development kit yesterday at DHL (was here on Thursday, but I wasn't home.

User-inserted image


@micropuller... Really awesome.... How about some pics of the kit?


I'm on my phone, can't get the pictures to upload. It looks like I should be able to attach a picture, but it won't let me.

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Because it's trying to use a link and an image for some reason...

Let's try this...

User-inserted image


@Rich, thanks for sharing the photo...



I uploaded it to my dropbox in the end, because I couldn't get it to upload. But thanks anyway Rich!


Thanks for the pic guys. I recognize those MG995s but are the EZ-Robot branded servos standard, heavy duty or modified servos?


They're 360 degree rotation servo's


Being new to hardware after seeing the MG995's I put it in google and this was the first thing that come up .

Review of the MG995 servo

Should i be concerned or is this guy just full of ****?

He seems like a bit of a nut job to me.


The MG995s are ok... just ok. They are basically a copy of the original Tower Pro... I typically use Hitec servos, but I also now use the MG995Rs, which are a greatly improved version of the MG995s...


That article got me a lil concern, now idk how long the revolution robots would hold together if they all have those types of motors

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I use MG995s and have no problems with them.

I also know that EZ-Robot tested a lot of different servos and wouldn't provide us with sub standard parts.

The review is wrong. My guess is his MG995s were Chinese knock-offs, there are a lot of them about, I have some, they are a lot worse than the real MG995s I have. Don't let the review concern you.


Yea real 995 are alright. The tower pro servos are descent when you get genuine servos. It's the no name websites that will sell ya the knock offs.


Thanks Richard and Rich.

I'm really new to hard ware and have put my trust in this community.


Servos (even name brand ones) are dirt cheap anyway.... meaning you can always buy more if you need to... Where the quality really counts is the EZB4 controller and it has that in abundance.... I am planning to buy a developer's kit myself... I am not worried about the quality of any of the components in the kit... I am sure DJ researched the supplier of those servos before he allowed them for sale in the store here...


Antron007, Thank you for your response . You are a great asset to our community. Steve S


@micropuller... Thanks.

@Steve_S... Um, I think maybe you posted this in the wrong thread or typed my name by mistake. I'm not sure what response you are referring to. I'm not trying to take credit for things I don't deserve.

I've got a couple 995s and they aren't bad. Just to repeat what others have said, you have to be careful not to get knockoffs that float around e-bay and the internet.


I have 19 mg995's in my humanoid, my only complaint is that they use a fair amount of juice to get the job done, but whatever. Theyre like $7.50 each which is cheaper than a futaba s3003 standard rc servo and they make like 4 times the torque lol. Sometimes theyre built tight and a lil crunchy when you first get them, then they wear in a lil and loosen up. 995r's are definitely better though.


We have discovered first hand the poor quality of knockoffs! We ordered a few hundred MG995 from a company we wanted to try out (competitive pricing). When they arrived, they looked identical except for some tiny differences (mostly internal). Essentially they looked the same as other MG995 we had ordered before. Plus the limits were different inside so they burn out really quickly when using ARC. We had to ship all of them back within a week!

Now we don't mess around and order direct from TowerPro so we can guarantee quality parts :)


@jason , these guys right?