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Have The Models Began Shipping?


We are excited to order JD, have the models began shipping yet?



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@micropuller... Really awesome.... How about some pics of the kit?
I'm on my phone, can't get the pictures to upload. It looks like I should be able to attach a picture, but it won't let me.
United Kingdom
Because it's trying to use a link and an image for some reason...

Let's try this...

User-inserted image
@Rich, thanks for sharing the photo...

I uploaded it to my dropbox in the end, because I couldn't get it to upload. But thanks anyway Rich!
Thanks for the pic guys. I recognize those MG995s but are the EZ-Robot branded servos standard, heavy duty or modified servos?
They're 360 degree rotation servo's
Being new to hardware after seeing the MG995's I put it in google and this was the first thing that come up .

Review of the MG995 servo

Should i be concerned or is this guy just full of ****?

He seems like a bit of a nut job to me.
The MG995s are ok... just ok. They are basically a copy of the original Tower Pro... I typically use Hitec servos, but I also now use the MG995Rs, which are a greatly improved version of the MG995s...
That article got me a lil concern, now idk how long the revolution robots would hold together if they all have those types of motors
United Kingdom
I use MG995s and have no problems with them.

I also know that EZ-Robot tested a lot of different servos and wouldn't provide us with sub standard parts.

The review is wrong. My guess is his MG995s were Chinese knock-offs, there are a lot of them about, I have some, they are a lot worse than the real MG995s I have. Don't let the review concern you.
Yea real 995 are alright. The tower pro servos are descent when you get genuine servos. It's the no name websites that will sell ya the knock offs.
Thanks Richard and Rich.

I'm really new to hard ware and have put my trust in this community.
Servos (even name brand ones) are dirt cheap anyway.... meaning you can always buy more if you need to... Where the quality really counts is the EZB4 controller and it has that in abundance.... I am planning to buy a developer's kit myself... I am not worried about the quality of any of the components in the kit... I am sure DJ researched the supplier of those servos before he allowed them for sale in the store here...
Thank you for your response .
You are a great asset to our community.
Steve S
@micropuller... Thanks.

@Steve_S... Um, I think maybe you posted this in the wrong thread or typed my name by mistake. I'm not sure what response you are referring to. I'm not trying to take credit for things I don't deserve.

I've got a couple 995s and they aren't bad. Just to repeat what others have said, you have to be careful not to get knockoffs that float around e-bay and the internet.
I have 19 mg995's in my humanoid, my only complaint is that they use a fair amount of juice to get the job done, but whatever. Theyre like $7.50 each which is cheaper than a futaba s3003 standard rc servo and they make like 4 times the torque lol. Sometimes theyre built tight and a lil crunchy when you first get them, then they wear in a lil and loosen up. 995r's are definitely better though.
We have discovered first hand the poor quality of knockoffs! We ordered a few hundred MG995 from a company we wanted to try out (competitive pricing). When they arrived, they looked identical except for some tiny differences (mostly internal). Essentially they looked the same as other MG995 we had ordered before. Plus the limits were different inside so they burn out really quickly when using ARC. We had to ship all of them back within a week!

Now we don't mess around and order direct from TowerPro so we can guarantee quality parts:)