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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Has Anyone Designed A Cover For The Ezb-3 And Have An Stl File?

Just thought that I would ask, you never know. I had one of my EZB3s out in the open and it got shorted out.


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United Kingdom
Someone did make a cover a while ago. I'll search the forums and see if I can find the topic.
I used some blocks of Sugru to make little legs on mine so it wouldn't short out if I set it down on something metal. Stick on rubber bumpers you can buy almost anywhere would work too.

There is a cover with stl files in the ezbit library here:

I downloaded the stl files and I printed the bottom plate which came out quite good. BUT, when I printed the top part, it just came out like a skeleton. It had the perfect shape, etc. But the whole thing was like a thin thin shape.

Really.... You bump after only 5hrs because you can't print plastic.... ? Some of us have jobs and lives... sometimes we can't just drop everything at a moments notice because you're having a plastic crisis.... You need to have patience or people are going to stop helping you....
Well, I am sorry Richard R. I am totally retired. My mind is not working right and I sometimes forget the stress of having to work. I did not want to start a new thread and I was afraid no one would see this. Sorry it got your feathers in a bunch.