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Hard, Protective Coating For 3D Prints

stumbled upon this from my silicone supplier...might be of interest to the 3D priniting crowd...;)



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Not only the 3D printing crowd, epoxy coatings are useful for a lot of things (provided it doesn't eat what it's being brushed/sprayed on to).

I haven't used that brand but have used similar things for a lot of applications. It's never the easiest of things to work with and can be messy but if you give it the required amount of time a good finish deserves it'll come out looking great.
Oh really? Never used it I just stumbled upon it. I was thinking it was more of a thin epoxy coat...oh well...
I use automotive clear coats for my fiberglass castings...I know that's hard and sturdy, but you need a compressor and spraygun to apply it... ;)
when I use a thicker epoxy coat, this is what I use...this is for if you want a thick, mirror-like finish on anything really, not really for detail all your detail is gonna be lost because it lays on thick like syrup, and it "self-levels"...used mostly for bar tops...

Table-top epoxy
Check out this base i made out of foamboard...I poured tabletop epoxy on it and it pretty much turned it into a hard, solid structure...it won't harm foamboard at all...it doesn't get as hot as polyester resin.

foamboard base (I spray paint it so I can envision what it may look like):
User-inserted image

foamboard structure after epoxy:
User-inserted image

just hit me up anytime.


. Im going to make 6 to rent out at my mothers inlaws banquet hall
Who's writing the software to run them... ? May I suggest Moi:P Kidding of course...:)
I heard Richard R was going to write all the software for free and for everyone else's robots too. :D
Oh, dude...it just hit me...if you are going to have robot waiters, what about a robot bartender? Richard....you're gonna need a bigger boat!
@JustinRatliff .. Ha, ha love the Jaws reference...