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Happy Easter Everyone I Am Back For Good

Just saying HAPPY EASTER to everyone including RICH and DJ

MY work is over ,just one last party at work and sayong my goodbyes *stress*


TODAY just having a great easter dinner with a big get together and monday should be able to start on my robots ,cant wait :)


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Looking forward to your wisdom and insight. I've got two weeks between jobs and I'm hoping to get caught up on my three robots...
Happy Easter and welcome back robotmaker! Btw, "Back For Good" ? Did you ever leave ?
YES,only leave on trips no work ever,waiting on friday for my last work day ,but only a party and say good bye
Happy Easter to you Robotmaker and best wishes.
Looking forward to your robot building.
Steve S
Happy EZ-Easter everyone!

User-inserted image
Happy Easter to all, and happy Easter for the robot that governs the table, that white, like a prototype made with 3D printer and mini ez-b on board ....
NICE family DJ you have.we had a very large dinner party of 17 people ,took 3 large tables

I found out guys i had 20 years at my company wow ,i guess having fun you dont see time move so fast.

Well the next 20 years to work only on robots now.
My birthday is next week monday, but I'll be on exchange to Poland so we celebrated it during Easter. The whole family came over :)
Nice Easter Pic DJ! and Happy Birthday to you Niek!
HAPPY early birthday NIEK,hope you had a good one.

IF you ever need any electronic parts for your design i have so many you can have some for free.
Almost have any part made.
Thanks, it was great :D

Thanks for the offer @robotmaker, but I don't need any parts at the moment.