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Happy Days

Awe yea gots me the ezb v4 developer kit now yay lol now all I need to do is get some batteries and my custom robot finished and put together and painted and then omega project stage one will be complete then i can move to stage 2. thanks to ez-robot my dreams of having my very on robotic friend can finally come true, thank you ez-robot and thank you DJ Sures for all your hard work and mad robotics skills, if it wasn't for you the world would never get the pleasure of having their very own personal made robots thank u.:D


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congrats,and have lots off fun.:D


Thank you, I love that my dreams can actually happen without going back to school to do it.


@Omegaproject ... Don't forget to post pics and a video... Congrats :)


thanks and i was wondering where you bought that sharp 3 finger claw from, i was gonna make one by using a specific robot claw toy and just make brackets to put it together to the servo but that ez :1 sharp 3 finger claw is the perfect claw i was wanting to make any ideas:)


Here is some of the robots I used so far to build omega up to this point he is far from finished tho lol still needs paint , head built and ezb installed and I have modified his eye visor since this pic but you get the idea lol I got the idea from omniglio an experimental robot from the 1980's and the head design from the ez robot user that built Moshi I unfortunately was unable to use an omnibot 2000 body for the lower have but that's we're modifing the old emiglio head as an exstention model came in place lol it still needs a clear dome though

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