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H Bridge

Hey everyone,

I have been trying to get my H bridge to move both of my 12 Volt DC motors. They moved a little bit at one point with the control Movement Panel and a script and when I test them directly to the 12v battery they work 100% fine. But recently they just have stopped working all together. I believe they are 1.3 amps a piece and I am not sure if its just the H Bridge I am using or not. I have attached pictures below of the H Bridge, EZB, and my Ports.

I am VERY confused and have tried many options already and still nothing has changed that much.

Any help or advice is much appreciated!

Thanks in Advance,


User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


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Check the switch to see if it's the wrong way.

Also, did you press the ? (question mark) on the hbridge control? It will bring you to a tutorial page with diagrams and complete tutorial. Here's a shortcut link to the manual for the HBridge control: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Help.aspx?id=192

Also - what's the +5 volt wire connected to? That's an output +5. It should not be connected to a battery power source or that hbridge is broken. There's a good chance of damaging the I/O for those ports on the ezb if VCC is powering the hbridge's +5 output. The above manual link provides details.

Don't forget the question mark buttons:D

User-inserted image
@DJ Yeah I have triple checked my wiring and the 5v is connected to the EZB power plug in
Oh no - that's bad bad bad if the +5 is connected to the EZB power! I edited my previous post, reread please

Check the manual please
Here is what the H Bridge is connnecting to: (just the 5V wire)

User-inserted image
Please check the manual from the link above. Also reread my first response regarding the +5. Using that wire will damage the hbridge and most likely the ezb.

The manual shows you how to connect everything. Please check the manual. I provided the link above. You can also access the manual by pressing the question mark on the hbridge control.

The hbridge is most likely damaged due to using the +5 wire connected to vcc
@DJ thank you very much. I guess I messed up. But it did work before just fine no issues. I tested one of the ports that the h bridge was connected to and it worked just fine. So im good there. I will get the same H Bridge you have in the EZ store.

Thanks again.
@DJ Sures

I got EZ Robot 2.5 Amp motor controller and I did test the pins and they do read in fact 12v which is the exact voltage my battery is and I hooked it up and triple checked and the motors still wont move. the small led's on the motor controller are all red and when I check the voltage for the motor distribution wires they dont show voltage at all. I was thinking they are drawing too many amps? I have tried many times to find the problem and still no luck. Any help is appreciated thanks.

HI Cameron

I just try to same thing,with some help.i correct your pics.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image