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Guess Who's Visiting?

Have a peak at the camera tomorrow during the day and see if you can guess which two of our forum members are visiting. Winner gets a high five!


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I certainly do wish I was there. We had a major outage at work and it looks like I get to work the rest of the night. Would have loved to fill my day with EZ-Robot. I have told my wife that one day I want to take a trip up there. It is in the plans but no time soon unfortunately.
I think you have to bring an inmoov to get in the door though:) Just kidding but when I get up there, I will be bringing whatever project excites me at the time...
United Kingdom
I wish it was me but unless there's something I don't know and EZ-Robot have a fake passport for me (mine is expired) it's not me.

Richard R and Technopro are my guesses though...
I'm gonna have to stalk the cameras on my off day lol!
Haha high fives for nomad. It was Richard r and Bob Houston.

We played with inmoov all day - taught him to play paper rock scissors with bobs experience. The inmoov is such a great platform and the best part is that it's controller agnostic - meaning you can use an ezb or raspberry pi or what ever you want!

Here's a pic of a fan playing paper rock scissors with the inmoov at a sold out event tonight
User-inserted image

And enroute to the event
User-inserted image
Well Mr Corchan - better get your butt up here!
when will the tracking number availeble for the high five's,hehe
I have already priced tickets. Its not so bad to fly there. Actually, it is about 1/3 the cost I thought it would be. Just have to break away from work and teaching, along with life all together for a few days to make it worth the trip. Teaching is about to stop for a few months, and work never stops.

I will try to break away soon and get up there. Is there a couch I can crash on for a night or two? :)
@d.cochran David, maybe ez robot will let you crash on the couch at the shop....However one warning, you might have to share it with Jeremie. Him and DJ never stop working LOL:D

In all seriousness... get up there if you can. You'll have an awesome time dude... Besides, you'll be able to make fun of the western Canadians' Maybe even Bob Houston will drive down to meet you. Bob is an awesome guy......
@DJ & EZ-Robot.... Thanks for the gracious hospitality and for the awesome insight to all things ez robot... All you guys are a class act. Keep doing what your doing... it's working:) and you got momentum...

@Bob... Nice meeting you buddy and thanks for those neck parts. Really nice design....
Well I'm finally back in touch with the rest of the world, upon my return from Calgary, I backed under my holiday trailer and spent 3 days trout fishing and partying around a campfire. No cell or internet coverage! it was great. So I haven't been able to comment on the day until now.

I would like to also say thanks to DJ and his staff for the day I spent with them. As Richard said, I got a really good insight into the whole EZ Robot philosophy. They are truly committed to robotics.

It was great to meet Richard R, he is a very talented guy. The craftsmenship that when into his Andrew InMoov was excellent!

It is always great to meet and talk with people with common interests to yours, so if you're in Calgary you should try and stop in at EZ Robot.
@Richard & @Bob it was a pleasure meeting you both! Hope to see you again soon!
@Bob... I'm Jealous man.... I have to try and get out in the wilderness myself this year... Thanks Bob.... We got side tracked, but should we hang out again remind me to chat more about that electric truck you made.... That's a project for sure :)

@Stika .... You really are tall Dude LOL.... Nice meeting you as well....:)
Agreed! It was great to have you out @Bob and @Richard. Great to hear your stories and meet you both officially! :)
@Asilinn... ditto... Thanks for tolerating Bob and I. Hopefully we didn't disrupt too much of your work day....

Not at all! It was an enhancement if anything! :P