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Great Service

EZ-Robot kit has arrived! Ordered Dec 29 and arrived Jan 8th just in time for my birthday!:) After programming for the last 4 weeks doing what I can using EZ script voice recognition and building my 12 zodiac "characters" each with 3 randomized threads, two good threads and one not so good. All characters have common characteristics such as my input voice commands and performance commands,do this do that etc. Anyways I am way off my own thread....getting a little excited I guess!:) :)


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What a perfect way to celebrate your b-day! Have a great one!
Thanks Dave and for more inspiration just watched Bicentennial Man(1999) for the first time...very touching
Happy Birthday irobot! Be sure to start the thread in the projects section. Im really interested to watch your progress:) -Josh Starnes
Of course Josh:) and thanks Robot Doc. This thread is after all about great service. If I knew Leversofpower's birtdate I could give him a sample of my zodiac character.......but in the projects section...:)
Happy Birthday! What a GREAT way to celebrate it.

Good Luck!