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Great Sales But?

Sales going now are incredible. But I have what I need. What I WANT is the new LIDAR. any chance this will be out by Christmas? Need to save my pennies.


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The Lidar will be available in the new year - also with all queued ezrobot products waiting for manufacturing. Ezrobot is changing manufacturers that will have a higher capacity.
@DJ Good to hear! Lots of really cool things I can't wait to get my hands on.
Lots of good things happening in the new year:) And the Lidar is just one of them! It's already blowing my mind - can't wait to see what you all do with it.
I have been waiting for the 4-in-1 Orientation Sensor for a year ..
In December 2016 I bought the Sensor:D
I hope in year 2018 I get it.
hi smarty

do you mean this sensor ?


i have one ,i dont use you can have.
if you have an adres i can send to you if you want.
Yay DJ! Great to hear , hopefully the transition will be smooth!
Is anything ever smooth?:D I'm going greyer by the minute...

its good to have grey hair.you wil keep your hair.
if you dont get grey and keep your normal color hair it will fall out,(bold):D
Yes gray is better than bald! That which does not kill us makes us stro...er grayer! Good luck with the switch over!
Since the title of this thread is "Great sales but,", under the heading of but- I placed my order earlier this weekend and, if there was any notice that orders over $100 dollars had free shipping then I missed it and it's on me. However, I did not find out about it until a little while ago when I received an email reminder that the sale is ending soon, and btw, orders over $100 receive free shipping. Had I known this when I placed my order, I would have gone slightly over my $100 budget (my total was $96.57 including shipping) to buy more from EZ-R, instead of spending more than a quarter on DHL shipping (to the US) that I neither need or want. My parts are for projects I won't get to until next year. so I wouldn't mind the usual 6 weeks from China that I am used to for arduino parts. It would have been nice to know about the shipping, but it would be better to have options for shipping. This is one reason why until now it has made more sense for me to buy the developer's kits when on sale at Hobby King, and is one of the main reasons I am learning to use the i2c and uart protocols to use arduino hardware with the EZBs. As things stand now, my money went to a shipper I didn't want to use, instead of to EZ-Robots, and there does not seem to be any way to amend/add to my order to correct this.
Rocketsmith, use the Contact Us to Contact Us :). We'll help you out if your order is over $100 within a few days of the Black Friday sale.