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Google Assistant Api On Ez-B4

So I have set up a google assistant API on my raspberry pi and have set up my EZ-B4 to run the google speech recognition and port the voice data to pandora bot to get a response from it. It is fun but I would much rather have the Assistant API as the brain so I get real information and can check weather, calendars...

Just wondering if someone is working on a plugin for this?

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#1 already exists in the plugin section and has been around for a while @cubco, you can download and use it now with the Windows version of ARC.


You can install your Google Assistant on a Rasberry Pi and use custom wakewords... From within the you custom Google Assistant you can call Dialogflow ( to run your specific agents which can also call ControlCommand () scripts etc in ARC...



So I just did a search on my google cloud console for the Dialogflow api, found and enabled the service. Then you are saying I would use the plugin on the ARC software to send commands to the Dialogflow api running on google to then send those commands to the Google Assistant api and then back to me to return the data?


@cubco If you would like to use the Google Assistant on your Rasberry Pi with a custom wakeword, you can use the tutorial above to set it up. I you do not care about a custom wakeword you can just use your Google assistant by triggering him by saying OK GOOGLE...

Within Dialogflow you can create custom Actions On you can kind of switch programs within your Google Assistant by saying I want to talk to AnimalJoker, to eg talk to the one that you created to tell animal jokes ( I will link a tutorial on how to do this ). If you exit your custom Action, you will be back your Google Assistant to normal mode! Out of the custom action you can send parameters to eg ARC!

If you are talking to your Custom Action ( your agent created in Dialogflow ) directly from within ARC, you will loose the basic functionality of the Google Assistant, like eg telling you a joke, new, weather functionality and you will basically just be talking to your Custom Action ( your agent created in Dialogflow )

There are a few people here interested in getting stuff done with Dialogflow, so maybe someone could code a pluging whih will connect those features within ARC? The souce code of the plugin was just being made public from @DJSures, so I am already excited about the future of ARC and Dialogflow integration!

It seems like there will be some cool stuff coming up soon!;)



That is cool but I am just wanting to run my robot with the EZ-B4. I am trying to save room inside the relatively small robot I am designing and keep it as simple as possible. Is there any way to run the Google Assistant API with just the EZ-B4? Much like you set up the google speech recognition but instead have it send and receive data from the Assistant API.