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Getting The Word Out. Your Thoughts?

I was just thinking of helping out our favorite robotics company by brainstorming with the community. To get this thread started off I want to ask all of you what tags should be added to our YouTube videos to increase exposure of the EZB there. I feel this is a zero cost form of advertising will be beneficial.

Thoughts? I will group them all in this first post for easy reference.

If you want to discuss additional ideas, please do so.:)

Perhaps a slogan you're willing to place on your robot? For example, "Powered by EZ-Robot", "Ask me about his brain.", etc...


See post #9 below by Alan!


  • Create YouTube videos as well as a full description so as to be found during searches.
  • Submitting projects to instructional websites using EZ-B. -- -- -- --
  • Posting on other robotics/electronics forums.
  • Free EZ-Robot t-shirts, hats, pins etc to whoever attends expos etc.
  • Post this website in the comments on YouTube videos you upload.


  • EZB, EZB-V3, EZB-V4
  • ARC, EZ-Robot
  • robotics, electronics, mod


  • "Powered by EZ-Robot"
  • "Ask me about his brain"


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Selfishly, I say let them get the current backlog of orders shipped out before we load them down with new orders. After that we can go on a grass roots advertising campaign to help sell more. But as I said, I am being selfish. :D

I found EZ Robot by searching for "Wall-E robot" on Google.


I'm positive orders will be filled on a first in first out basis and would not have an affect on your order. I'm sure some brainstorming is harmless enough. Just my take on it.:)

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Youtube videos. Submitting projects to things like make. Posting on other forums. Free EZ-Robot t-shirts to whoever attends expos etc.


i go whit rich idea.t-chirts hats pins .little figures of six-jd-rolli. personal training for those who needed,a list off who is willing to do it.:D


tags for youtube: ezb, and version ARC, and in comments free download of software. ez-robot, and in comments

just some thoughts.

:):):):) j


@All, thank you for you inputs so far.

Keep in mind that these are ideas that we can do which have no cost to the company. I did add the promotional items to the list but I think DJ's team will be managing that area. They have already invested a ton of money in development.


Thanks everyone for these awesome ideas! It's truly an honor to have such an amazing community wanting to support EZ-Robot every step of the way. Words can't express how awesome it is to see the efforts you all put in.

Through my experience marketing and selling with previous jobs, I've picked up a couple tricks when thinking about creating and spreading a positive brand vibe. I don't want to get too in depth and bore you so I'll try and keep this reasonably short. To start, I'll give you a little inside information on what currently drives traffic to our site:)

YouTube is number one and refers 15%+ of our traffic Instructables is next at 12%+.

It tapers down through facebook, uncrate, foxnews and others but the two that you guys can truly impact are YouTube and Instructables. We don't really get much incoming traffic from other robot forums either, which is something that would be hugely beneficial. As you guys have experienced, the forum here at EZ-Robot is amazing - and hard to be away from, but breaking away and being active on other forums would definitely help EZ-Robot spread through the other "hacker" communities.

When adding "tags" to your YouTube videos or even writing descriptions about your robots. Keep in mind who you want to find your videos/ write ups. If you write single, descriptive words, people looking for that world will find the video. For example, if you tag your video with: EZ-B, EZ-Bv4, ARC and EZ-Robot - then the ONLY people who would find your video are people that already know what EZ-Robot is. Try and tag possible search phrases rather than descriptive words as this will truly target people who are looking to solve a problem.

Useful tags to draw attention: Arduino Alternative, Awesome Beer Robot ( thinking of Brewster:P,) Autonomous Robot, robot bult on vacuume etc.

While these terms may seem a little obscure, people still search for them. I use google trends to see which search terms are popular and stay away from using generic, popular terms.

Google Trends

If you use the tag "robot" or "electronics," while this does say what the video is about, the liklihood of your video showing up before all of the other videos with the tag "electronics" is slim to none. You're better off using obscure terms way less people would search, which means your video has a higher liklihood of showing at the top:)

I would suggest using very simiar techniques when creating instructables. Include sentances that people who don't know about the topic might search for. It sometimes helps to add descriptive words as well. Rather than writing - "how to build a robot," write "how to build an autonomous robot" or "how to build a smart robot." Again - while less people search for these more descriptive sentances, the people that do will have a greater chance of landing on your page.

Well, that's all for my marketing tip of the day! Hope this helps you guys get more views on your videos whether they are EZ-Robot related or not!



This helps out a lot! Thanks Alan!


To be honest, Ez-B, products do their own advertizing. I stumble upon ez-b while browsing youtube, and saw DJ omnibot video.I am pretty sure once a majority of the community have their hands on the V4, more traffic will be directed towards our forums. It is our job to educate the general public, we need to showcase our projects more on, and . I have the arduino, beagle bone, raspberry pie, each have their soul purpose, but EZ-B is Def better bang for the buck.

Type this on a rush from my cell, will revise when at pc.


I agree with you and that's my intent! That is, to increase the likelyhood of people "stumbling upon" the EZ-B. It sells itself with all the features it has. I think I first learned of EZ-Robot while googling something that a coworker showed me. I think it was called "IOIO". That led to me finding the other boards and then the EZ-B. After a bit of scanning the features, I went with EZ-Robot. It can't be beat; even the early versions were better simply because of ARC is so versatile. So yeah, we need to showcase the robot as well as post a good descriptions that allows it to be searched and found. (Yes.... I'm a hypocrite.... blush)


As you all know, the EZ-B isn't a hard sale. I have told exactly 3 people about this so far. All of them have jumped onto this website and have been asking me a ton of questions. Once my wall-e is done, I will be posting on youtube for sure. This is just one video that I will be posting. The others will be of a group of students working with the EZ-B platform. I think this will drive even more people to the site. Additionally, I will be demonstrating the platform to about 300 people in August. This will be an attempt to drum up interest in a schools robotics program, but it will also give an Oklahoma City suburb its first look at EZ-B. My hope is that once the program is in place, the news media in this city will become involved, showing the robotics program starting in the 3rd grade and going through 12th grade. Not only will it help the public's image of the school, but also robotics and more importantly, EZ-Robot.

The projects that we will be working on will be chosen specifically to gain this attention. For example, the InMoov project using EZ-B instead of arduino and the Jimmy project using EZ-B instead of Intel will be chosen to leverage off of the publicity that these projects already have or are going to have. Of course, videos of this will be posted on youtube with tag lines directed toward education programs and EZ-B.

I have stolen an statement or two from a presentation that DJ made talking about what the Steve's did to computers and people seem to then understand. "The Steve's didn't make computers, they already existed. They made computers easy to use with the Mac." EZ-Robot is doing the same thing thanks to not only the smart people at EZ-Robot, but the community. People get that really clearly and it seems to set in at that point. When I started with computers, they didnt have floppy drives or hard drives. CD-ROMs, DVDs, thumb drives, forget it. You got a magazine and tried to make a piece of shotty code in the magazine work, which they never did. I was in the 3rd grade. Saving this code was a luxury if you had a casset player and the right cable to connect. Now, a 3 year old can play a game using a tablet because the interface to the technology has been simplified. This is what EZ-Robot is about to me. It is an amazing step toward making robotics available to all, and not just those that are willing to learn how to program.