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Getting Started With My Ezb And Inmoov Hand

Hi folks my first post here. I've just started my InMoov. I've got the arm 95% there and have just got my EZB set up. I'm a maker rather than a programmer so setting up to control my arm is a completely new skill to learn. In the past I've built and controlled robots using rc transmitters. I've never leant anything about coding or scripting. So far I've downloaded the EZB software powered up the EZB with a lipo battery and connected to the wi fi link. Then I've connected a couple of finger servos to the EZB and managed to get them moving. I'm not really sure what to do next. I've had a look at the tutorials but I'm struggling a bit. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Steve (uk)

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Welcome Steve, there are some great InMoov builders in this group that have done incredible things with their InMoov robots! In my humble opinion the EZ-Robot v4 is the best and easiest to use controller for the InMoov.

The InMoov people here are great and will help you I am sure.


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Where about are you in the UK, I've built a inmoov, and located in the UK, near Reading Berkshire.

Cheers Chris.

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Hi Tony and Chris. I live in mid Wales near Welshpool.


Hi Steve, glad to see you made it here. I would start out by having a look at and completeing the lessons in the Learn section, there is a lot of info there. Even though they are not specific to your InMoov project they will show you how all of the control work and some scripting examples. Then, I would start by connecting the servos with the Auto Position Control. You can very easily create different gestures/frames and link them together with in an action.


Howdy Steve and welcome, If you can be specific on which aspects you are struggling with we can provide better answers. I'm going through the tutorials too. You can incorporate tidbits from each. I can also recommend that you don't get overwhelmed when making your first program for your arm. Start moving a simple servo. Understand that then add complexity as you go.


Hello Steve, everyone. I have just started too and am at the hand and arm. I am just experimenting with the servos and reading about auto positioning .Will watch this thread closely as I am new to the EZB4 platform too.

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Steve (ukrobotman) has been a good friend of mine for many years and is one of the best model makers in the UK (and in my opinion the World). Steve produced the ALTAIR EZ:1 and EZ:2 fibreglass body components for me and also my half size NSD Dalek. Here is a photo of one of Steve's UK Robot Builders events which were amazing to attend.

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I am the dodgy looking bloke top right.

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Here you can see my half size Dalek before it got its head lights. Steve built the R2D2 on the right hand side.

I am excited to see Steve building an InMoov - thanks to all the forum members here that assist Steve, I am sure that he is going to produce something really special.