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i open the HDD servo and notest a diff pin then the HD servo. the HDD pin has a thicker top .you can see it,its behind the sticker.


i had a very noisy HDD,so i thaught to swiths gears.i didn help. now the servo is death.

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@Nomad, I have changed over the metal gears from a HD to to HDD, and it works fine.

I had modified a HDD servo to have the pot outside the servo for my InMoov, part of this process is to cut off the pin on the main gear, to make the servo continuous rotation. But I wanted to convert it back to the normal 180deg ( long story why ), so I had a old HD servo and changed over the main gear. It fitted OK and worked fine!



hi cem

mine get stuck at surten degree and makes then lot of noise. so i changed all the gears.noise still there,.i gess the gear of the, motor was not i bouth a new one.


If you don't put back the gears (especially the main gear with relation to the pot) exactly as they came out the servo will either not turn or will no longer have 1 and 180 as it's end point...



idd thats what happend.i forgot to line up the gears.