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Future Ez-B Patient

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Here's the robot I've been working on. All the aluminum is CNC cut and turned out pretty nice. The tracks and sprockets are from Lynxmotion and the drives are Sabertooth and Pololu. I've been driving it around with a RC setup but look forward to adding the EZ-robot controller I just ordered.
The center section powers up and the (face) is timed via a timing belt with the center rotation point so the smile always points forward no matter the position of the center section.

The sharpie drawn smile is just temporary and as soon as I can come up with a face that's got some character and can support a sensor or two I'll make it and install it.


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Finally got the EZ-B up and running on my drive tracks this morning. Lots of configuration as to what constitutes a "valid RC signal" was required by the Pololu drives. All was working well until I unplugged one of the servo plugs to recalibrate the oposite one still plugged in. After recalibration I plugged it back in only to miss the orientation of the pins. A load pop insued and my LM1084 5 amp regulator which operates the I/O according to the support video physically seperated from the heatsink in a cloud of smoke. I thought the fuse was supposed to blow first? Guess I was wrong on that one. I ordered more 5 amp regulators and was able to unsolder the old one. Another setback, Darn!

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Ouch, I hate it when I do something like that. Good thing your handy and knowledge enough to repair it. I've found that the on line electronic suppliers like Mouser and Digi-Key have parts to us very quickly. I've received parts in as little as two days using regular shipping. Who do you use? I like Mouser.

As far as the fuse, it all dependson on if it will blow faster then the fault will damage the part or what direction the fault is coming from in respect to the part being damaged. All fuses have a delay wither they are fast blow or slow blow.
@machine that fuse isn't a fast blow , its a standard. They can handle a couple amps over for a while. Its called "burn time". The regulator may have gotten too hot too quick... Quicker than the fuse burn time. I don't have specs on the fuse only that its a mini blade type. If you want the highest level of protection you can use a F or FF rated fuse which can pop in a fraction of a second. Physically they look like a little thin wire on the bridge in the fuse.
I use Mouser and Digi-Key both. Both have given me excellent service. I'm hoping in a day or so to get the regulators in. The bot was just starting to get interesting when it blew.
I still haven't worked out the head yet. The cylinder is proving hard to work with and give the bot some character at the same time. Has anybody seen anything that might work they can suggest to me?
I almost did this 2 days ago. Too bad, I was really excited to see a video.
Here's the unhappy robot waiting for repair parts for the EZ-B.
He did enjoy the Revolution last night though. I saw him smiling briefly.

User-inserted image
Still working on the face.
Give me some input, what do you think of the face I came up with?
There's an ultra sonic sensor where the eyes would be and LEDs for the mouth.

User-inserted image
That would look good I like the idea.
I used the laser cutter to cut out the two pieces. Then I heated them both in the oven to 300 degrees and formed them over the cylinder that makes up the "head". The back ground matches the acrylic that's inset into the tracks and the rest of the face is .125 ABS also cut out on the laser.
The EZ-B is working well now after the repair. I'm working my way through the tutorials trying to learn to make everything work.

User-inserted image
@Technopro THAT rocks. That should be the name.
@Machine27 That is slick. Did you do the machining your self?
Yes, all the aluminum is cnc'd on my Tormach. I built the laser cutter from scratch that cut all the acrylic. It'll handle a 24"x24" piece and cuts 1" thick in acrylic. I run Bobcad and do all the design work then convert it to G-code to either run on the laser or the Tormach. I've got Solidworks but it's an older 2007 version. I've done some 3d on the cnc with Solidworks.
I'm eyeing the Replicator 2 they use in the Ez-robot office. I think that'll be the next addition to my workshop.
Nice setup to have at your finger tips.
I like building things. I'm better at the building than the programming. I've used the BS2 up to this point and done quit a bit with it. I'm excited to learn more about this EZ-B setup.
Lemme ask a question for the more experienced users here. Is there an easier way to find my posting? Now, If I don't post any updates for several days, I have to go digging through all the numbered screens to find mine. The more time that passes, the further out in the numbers this post becomes.
The only way is to use the search bar at the top of the page.
Thanks! I did the favorite thing and it works well.