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Fried Ez-B

Strong possibilities that I short circuit my EZ-b by being careless. Using the bench power supply and no light come on what so ever, Use voltage meter getting 12v across resistor. Oh well time to order a new one, sucks I'll have to wait a week or to.


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Did you check the fuse? Maybe you just need to change it out with a good one if it's blown.

What were you doing when it happened? Maybe it could be repaired if something is actually burnt.
Go through the troubleshooting. If its just a regulator those are a cheap fix. If you popped your microcontroller chip that can be purchased separately. I proactively bought 2 extra chips and Bluetooth modules so if I ever let the smoke out I have a quick replacement to swap with.;)
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@jstarne1 : What did you mean by popping out the MCU Chip and replace it?

You do not need to add the Firmware into it? is it possible thru the EZB Firmware upgrade tool?

or is it available as separate pre-programed item on EZ-Robot Website?
Use the Contact Us form if you need a replacement chip , they can sell them separate preprogrammed with the firmware.
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yep, make sense... no need to buy again the complete board ....thx:)
I had it wire to my H-bridge running script test, while it was plug into the certified bench power supply. Is there a troubleshooting guide to follow?
it was the Fuse. I measure the voltage across and it was showing 12v as it should, didn't bother taking it out. In my experience, blown fuse usually shown 0 V. I replaced it it work just fine.

Lol was looking for an excuse for my girlfriend to buy me a second EZ-B and she order it last night for me:) .
Awesome to hear you're up and running again.

I think most people on here have more EZ-B's than I do! I only have 2 or 3:(
I always pull the fuse when testing. A lot of times I will get a false positive reading if I do not. Glad everything is OK. I hate the feeling when i think ive burnt something up.
The biggest mistake in electrical troubleshooting is assuming continuity beep means the circuit is good .:)
@pjdatechy sounds like your GF is a keeper! good to hear it was just the fuse!.....and with the second EZ B on the way your robot building program is gonna expand......ps make sure the GF gets equel time as the EZ Robot!:)