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Friday Night Chat.....Good Times....

I think this was a good turn out....It was great to be able to meet some new people, learn about what kind of projects everyone is working on, share some tips and ideas.

Let's try to do something like this every Friday. I think it's a good forum to work out some new ideas,get some suggestions and to get to know the rest of the community. This is also a good way for new forum members to introduce themselves.

Thanks for a good time, I hope everyone enjoyed themselves!
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I enjoyed it. I will be there next Friday. See ya then!
Darn i wish i was able to make it - I will next time:D
I was there, it was only a short while but fun. I'm sure im there more often once I get my hand on EZ-B.
the Spektrum DX6i ...... *tired*

I want one .....*stress*
That's actually a DX7S, a newer model:)
@bret.tallent - Yes. We left it as a reoccurring chat Friday at 9PM EDT unless you see a more updated post. Hope to see you and anyone else who's feeling "chatty" there!:D