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Free To My Ezb Community Friends

Motor controller cooling fan , ezb regulator cooling fan and a few sheets of abound deadening rubber adhesive Matt. I will give prob 5 to my ezb friends. Let me know if you want one , its not.a.must but if you would like to donate to cover shipping that's super... I'm sending one to Brett , any other takers? R333 , robotz (lloyd) , ww321 , ect ?

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They are both 40mm 12v but are fine on 6v


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You're like robot santa!:)


Ha , crack me up , yea if I have a surplus and I can help someone else.... Christmas comes early lol - Josh


Do you ship to the netherlands if i pay for it?:D

Edit: I'm out, just discovered one in the electronics collection my grand-dada passed on to me:)


I'm game, what would shipping be to WV?


good idea,i dont need any but thanks anyway