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Free Energy

Any ideas on free energy

I have afew ideas but not enuff parts or money and i live in an apartment so its kinda hard for me to mess with the ideas i have in mind for free energy


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Solar ? Wind ? Hand/Foot generator


Solar or salt driven batteries is all that comes to mind. What are you trying to do?


take an extention cord and tie into the neighbors electricity :D J/K ....


There's lots of people who use solar setups for basic energy needs but be ready to drop a couple thousand dollars to make solar panels big enough to power the basic electrical in your home. Often using solar means curving your use signifigantly and using gas for heating and cooking


One might want to include the power of currents in rivers, streams and the Oceans of the world also.

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I have worked with renewables for years, really there is no such thing as free energy. It costs a lot to have it set up and it takes an insane amount of time for it to pay off.

@derrick has the only quick method however it's not exactly free for your neighbour;)


I was thinking magnets and other stuff like that There is lots of free energy out there the problem is that its cold so its not really ussable But its not hard to convert to good usable power when you run it into a cap or a bank of caps then when the cap is full discharge it into your batts

Another aspect is recovering waisted energy like the power lost as heat in the heat sinks I have been playing with a thurmal ellectric device i got from a colan ellectric cooler i found on the road A thurmal elecric device will convurt power to heat/cold or turn heat/into power Its really cool i hooked it to a little motor then placed the device in my hand and the motor would run The way it works is from the difrence in the temprature of both sides of the device the more the diff the more power you get If we add that to the heat sinks and feed that to a cap we can recover some of that wasted power


I recently helped out with a school science fair experiment that produced enough power to illuminate a large 1 watt L.E.D. for quite some time. It was a battery made from dirt and a small amount of heard it right...dirt. You can increase votage by trying different liquids such as soda, lemon juice, salty water, vinegar, etc. but it amazed me that you could just use dirt and plain water to make a battery. Google Earth Batteries and you will find a lot of info on it.

Here is a video I used to plan out the science fair project. I used solid copper wire and small pieces of galvanized sheet metal strips. I hot glued them to opposite sides of each ice tray cell then filled each cell with dirt. Connected them in series with jumper wires and added a small amount of water to each cell. I was able to illuminate the L.E.D. for more than an hour when I used vinegar or lemon juice.

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I know this isn't much but it is free energy. At least enough to give some light.


Stirling engine with small heatsink can make around 100 watts. Imagine if it were ten times bigger


Ah, so this isn't the "free energy" nonsense shown on so many YouTube channels. I've seen a few and frankly many are just people trolling and some believe that magnets have mysterious power that can be unlocked. If someone tries to explain this isn't possible through scientific terms, they shut down and say "you're closed minded." You can almost hear them say, "you're just part of the big corporation, man!" LOL The bottom line is conservation of energy.

You mean energy recovery? That's entirely useful. There are so many instances of inefficient devices. If they ever discover room temp superconductors in microchips, there will be a super-jump in technology devices.