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Fredoo And "Toy" Tell You Hello!

Hello everyone!

My names is Fred, I'm French, my English is rotten but I still want to present my robot is called "TOY":)

I always dream of making a robot dog, but it was too expensive or too complicated.

Today that dream come true:)

At first I wanted to do everything based on arduino. Then I discovered EZ-B, so I thought it would be great just to add the video recognition. But the more I read the manual, the more I said that this card was huge!

Finally EZ-B will be the brain of my robot!

Here is the first step of the design: In this video I use only one card Pololu Maestro.

Click To Watch Video

Following ASAP:)
(sorry for my english)


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Neat little robot! Welcome to EZ-Robot:) Your english is good. I understand you:D
Looks like Big and Little Dog from Boston Robotics. GREAT!

Cant wait to see that bot wireless......with EZ-B on its back!
Sweet robot, welcome! There is a rule.though , you.gotta give any.robot.with 4 legs a name..... And it cannot be Rover. ;D. Have fun - Josh
Love it, you could make a world first by taking your robot dog for a walk around the Neighborhood -
No need for picking up doggy doos either !!