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Oh and btw, it is kind of weird having to pick a hardware for this topic, and soon I will have to pick someone that resolved the question...
Actually I will be picking the bot now! So it is done!!
But a separate section for posts like this would be an awesome improvement for the forum!:)
Oh and also now I am having to do another post to mark it as resolved!!
So here it comes...

Thank you so much for resolving my question dear AI Support Bot!:D
is it programable?

What's the difference between that and a JD robot?

A JD robot that can do many things
the alpha 1s or pro is an empty robot.you can make some poses thats all.
it doesn have a camera.just a small app.
you cant beat a jd robot.a jd robot has all.
i have a few jd's laying here,that i dont use.bouth to much,lol.
lol, can't beat JD robot, ha, ha...

I also have a lot of pieces around, :-(

did you see the figure robot on the box? its a alpha mini .very cute robot.
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no, I will look it up, I just looked it up, very cute