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Oh and btw, it is kind of weird having to pick a hardware for this topic, and soon I will have to pick someone that resolved the question...
Actually I will be picking the bot now! So it is done!!
But a separate section for posts like this would be an awesome improvement for the forum!:)
Oh and also now I am having to do another post to mark it as resolved!!
So here it comes...

Thank you so much for resolving my question dear AI Support Bot!:D
Looks quite a bit heavy to be on the end of a servo powered arm. Unless you were to use some pretty big servos with good power. For that price, you could get yourself a chinese 3d printer if you're buying two of those hands
hi EZang
you need sensors for avery finger.to be able to grip something without burning the servo.
also use the micro servo's from ez robot to get good control over the servo's.
the link you got is a building kit.its cheaper on banggood.com

hand kit
Thanks for everyone help

Maybe it is time research a 3d printer

My thoughts came from watching Mickey666Maus video above.
Here is my practice hand / fingers from the past, I put this together today, using 3 small servos, a hobby hand I picked up, Ex- builder, auto-position and voice.

I did get this hand, figures working with the Xbox 360 Kinect also, very cool, that I need to fine tune,  :-)

I guess I can do this with any hand

The fingers is what I am interested in, I will research.

for now here is a short video:


there's comes a new robot out with smart grippers as they called.
seems this gripper can feel what he's gripping.also the aelos pro,
has alot of sensors .

aelos lite smart gripper
Yes, the fingers, grippers are loaded with sensors. I would like to have one, lol

The video that Mickey666Maus presented was great technology.

Those companies are in a different market, they don't have a product to sell to you and me they said. I emailed them. 

I just do tests with inexpensive pieces. Some of the technology is a little to pricey to play around with.

However, I am very excited in the all this technology and advancement we explore.

DJ said they are they're using HTC vive, you can see the controller attached to the glove.

I also used ARC with the WiiMote and the Microsoft 360 Kinect can do some of that.

The finger are a different story.

sorry I wrote so much, I will end here for now.

I will check, thanks
your link takes me to EUR 1.499,00
yep for the pro version.the lite is not yet availeble.
here is the aelos S version.half prized.

aelos S

i have an alpha 2 still in box complete.i dont use.if your interested send me a mail.
also a metal robot with hands.
I see, still 600.00
is it programable?

What's the difference between that and a JD robot?

A JD robot that can do many things
the alpha 1s or pro is an empty robot.you can make some poses thats all.
it doesn have a camera.just a small app.
you cant beat a jd robot.a jd robot has all.
i have a few jd's laying here,that i dont use.bouth to much,lol.
lol, can't beat JD robot, ha, ha...

I also have a lot of pieces around, :-(

did you see the figure robot on the box? its a alpha mini .very cute robot.
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no, I will look it up, I just looked it up, very cute