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Found This Site For Chatbot Developement

Hey guys, I found this site... It seems to be pretty easy to use if you are up to build a personal flavored chatbot! Its easy to integrate tasks like alarms, weather reports etc, as it comes with a bunch of pre build agents as addons!

Let me know what you think...:)


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API.AI is a lot more than a chatbot. It does a brilliant job of determining what is meant by what is said and does a great job of conversational awareness allowing one question or statement to build on the last statement or question. This was a core piece of EZ-AI but was bought out by Google. It is now the core of their Google home product. It can be tied into Amazon skills also.


Yeah this is amazing. Would love a plugin ....... hint hint....


It interfaces with Cortana; maybe that's the way to "plug it in" to EZB?


I also thought this would work great for just took me five minutes to set up a functioning bot and the interface looks like it is not too hard to grab!

Maybe @CochranRobotics could share how to set this up for ARC? As he messed around with it quiet a bit he probably knows how to send and retrieve data using POST and GET? There is an inbuilt option for webhooks...

Could be a good topic for the next Technology Today Show:D