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Foscam Camera Get Commands

Hi,how do i set up HTTP GET commands for foscam camera pan/tilt so when i steer to left cam turns left,steer right cam turns right and center cam goes center. I have my project on cloud (RC 4x4) make changes if u like.
here is a command

all i have to do is change the command number to move to different spot


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Hello Pittom, what kind of camera is it?

And do you have a link to a list of commands?
United Kingdom
It may be a stupid question and please excuse me if it is but you are replacing my-ip-port with the IP and port of the camera (i.e. aren't you?

Also, is the url correct? i.e. is decoder_control.cgi?command=35... an actual command recognised by the camera to, I assume in this case, pan the camera right.

Also check the username and password are correct for the camera.

I know the HTTPGet(url) command works perfectly as I just tested it and made ARC turn my lights off using a url (which is good to know as that means ARC can be used to control EventGhost via HTTP easily, which in turn can control pretty much anything), so as far as I can tell it's a problem with the url you are using.
yes i replaced ip and just tested it again but when i put in joystick in button 1 i go to save it and error unknow command
i got it to work thanks

What did you do to get this to work? Would you be interested in sharing the ARC script code that you used to get your foscam camera to move left when you moved your robot left, etc. Also I assume that you can control tilt also.

Do you also know the commands to turn the ir leds on and off? In the list of commands would it be the digital on & off commands?

I am using the foscam F19831p IP camera but I would assume the commands are the same.

What I want to do is do the same thing mentioned in your thread but I would be using one of the movement panels in ARC PC and also want it to work with mobile app. Interested in what you have come up with?

I am not very familiar with web and html programming and using the httpget command but willing to dig in and learn......Rick B.
Hi ,
I have not been playing with it for over a year, I am going to start to work on it in a week or so.
I thought I had it saved in the public cloud under name crawler, if it is not there I will find it and let you know how to do it.

Thanks Much Pittom ! I would like to be able to turn camera in same direction as robot like you are doing. Also would be nice to be able to view camera and do all this control in the mobile app but from previous threads I pretty much understand why it can't really be done. I did manage to find the commands to turn IR LEDS on and off. I have the foscam F19831p IP camera and it is set for JPEG snapshot mode. Would like to be able to see video in ARC video control, but not sure of command line to enter in control. Any help on viewing the video in ARC would also be much appreciated. Thanks again and looking forward to seeing what you have done and how you did it..Rick B.:)
Hello Pittom,

Just wondering if you found your crawler foscam scripts for viewing and controlling the foscam functions? Look forward to be able to view and control foscam camera via ez-scripting. Thanks much ! Rick:)
i did not find it yet,i had it on ez cloud under rc 4x4 but can not find it. i am checking my hard drives. read this thread and that is how i did it,just had user and password problem.

still looking
Thanks much Pittom ! I will give it a shot and keep you posted...Rick:)