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For Richard R

richard R here a video whit your solution. what i was looking for was the auto walk ,use off ax-s1&remote on the head.


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Hey, looks like he is now working great for you... Now you can experiment with the code to see what else he can do...:)


next i will try same auto walk but head moving like he scans the room and when, he sees, obsticle do the same back off move (jump ) .good practice for using the jd.



Nomad, You sure have an awesome collection of robots. How long have you been into robotics? Thanks for sharing and I am also looking forward to Christmas too. Cant wait to see what you do with J.D.


for about 6 years.i bin collecting started when i was very young. but in my time,there was nothing to get or to see here in belgium. also we cant affort anything due to big famely.i got 5 sisters and 5 brothers. a very sick father and my mother had no job due to raising 11 kids. so it started whit a movie,the day the earth stood still.from then i was fallen for robotics. i forgot all about robots cause there was no money to do anything and went in the army. so i forgot all,insteadt came alcohol,smoking,girls,depression,really bad. one day many years later when i was at my deepest lowest time in my life, my dad died chort after my mom and sister died.i didn want to kill myself but , there was no life in my heart or body.nothing was telling to move on .. so that one day my friend came by and told me,why dont you start what you always wanted to do, robots.and a mirakel happend,i started living still recovering today. but sofar it goes steddy forwart..its amazing what i bouth whit very litte money. i love to repair stuff ,insteadt off trowing them gives that nice peacefull feeling, inside my mind.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

the jd is such simpel cute robot.when i saw him .i had to have it. i think lots off connection possebility's ( male/female),is the solution. dj is a man whit a vision.and the members here are great people.

some times i donate a robot ,to a famely who living the way i did. i had ones a single father whit 4 kids.boring to i rewired a v2, and donated to him.he's now crying for moment off piece hahaha

thanks telling


@nomad18.08... What is your name? I am glad your here still, dude... You bring a lot to the forum and it's better here because you are here.... Like many of us you found something that is a passion.... So promise me you're going to stick around and enjoy EZ Robots with all of us for a long time to come...

Cheers Richard:)


i saw the real docu off this camp..didn know there was a video film. there where mad people the japanese.bridge over the river kwai is also from this camp. i see all docu from ww2 .its good to know history,its makes you humble.

i will stay here for sure thats a promise.i never seen so much friendlyness. excample am on nao site too,sill waiting for answer from 3 weeks ago. there its all about money.250 memberchip for using there program, 700 euro ensurens year. eek.

thank you patrick is my name:D


nice to meet you to richard brother also names richard. the bioloid from yesterday calls i-arch ,arch comes from the book ARCHIE big yellow robot.

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Patrick, I agree with Richard R, very happy you are on this forum. So many great people. Also enjoy seeing all of your cool robots in your vids and LURKING in the background. That is great you helped your family member by donating your repaired V2, I think it was a Robosapien, if I remember right. That shows great character. Hope you get your special custom 3D part that you are after to customize your upcoming J.D. If I had capability, I would try to help build it. Steve S


yes a v2,the kids went balistic to see the big robot.i didn knew the famely.. i will a video off all robots i have. am very happy to found this site. i dont understand the new generation,trowing all good stuff away. they treat people same way ,if you say the truth,they dont like it and trow you away. but who cares ,i got ez :D the parts will come,i have plenty off time.dont need to go to work.:D

thank you guys


I totally agree with you (Patrick) Richard Steve and me and some others the forum would be nothing way to go guys


Yes Patrick, I very much enjoy your ideas and demos of your bots on the EZ forum. You are a great member.


:)i feel so lucky.thank you all