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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

For D.J. And Staff And Anyone Who Has A Replicator 2

Hey guys,

I am doing research on the Replicator2.

D.J., you mentioned using GLUE on the build table, what was the technique that you used. How do you apply it?

Do people prefer ABS or PLA and why?
Which of the two print easier?
Any Tips for a Newbie?

Can we print EZ-Bits on this machine?


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United Kingdom
PLA is kinder to the environment
Both print the same however ABS is probably a tougher material once printed, PLA may flex more.
Read forums and sites dedicated to 3D printing, specifically the Replicator 2, there will be much more help and guidance on specific forums rather than on a robot forum. You will also find a lot more tips on things like using glue on the build plate and with much more detail. Google is your friend.
You can print EZ-Bits on any 3D printer, they are all available as STL files in ARC.
We stopped using glue on the print plate. now we print directly to the build plate without glue. The warping we experienced was caused by cooling of the PLA and print plate. The material would shrink when it was cooled and cause the edges to warp.

For a while we just put plastic garbage bags over the printer.

Since then, I have created acrylic boxes with hinged doors to access the printers
User-inserted image
Oh ok , so you don't use painters tape either now. .
No tape or anything... Just the bare print bed. We wipe it down with acetone first, that's all.

We also print absolutely everything with a raft. That way, the raft acts as a big surface for the item to stick too. Also the raft fixes any gap distances between the nozzle and build plate. You have to adjust the build plate distance from the nozzle. It's best to leave a larger gap than too close. The raft lays down a surface which absorbs that gap.