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Flipping And/Or Reversing The Camera Via Script Commands?

@DJ, I have a project that uses a Roomba to keep and eye on the cats (and to break up the odd fight as well)... The Roomba is powering the ezb through a step down voltage regulator, so the ezb will (hopefully) be on or powered 24/7... I also have a pan and tilt servo camera setup on the Roomba. Now when the Roomba docks the camera just stares at a blank wall in front of it. So to compensate for this I have attached a mirror to the docking station (tilted on an angle) so when the camera is position properly I can see what's going on in the room behind the Roomba instead of just staring at a blank wall... Problem is the image is obviously reversed... So I would it be possible to include script command(s) to reverse and/or flip the camera image so the image won't be reversed? I know you can do this via the camera control, but I wanted to automate the process so the Roomba can auto dock to re-charge, tilt the camera to the mirror and then have the image reverse... When I need the Roomba again to break up the next cat brawl, I can again reverse the image back to normal...

Not a huge priority, but maybe to can throw it on your list?

Thanks :)


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@DJ.... you really do spoil us, ya' know... thank you....

Cheers :)


I don't want to hijack the thread but while you're at it @DJ - can you also look at scripting for the Grid lines as well. Thanks