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First Moves New Jd

it finaly arrived the waist case.i have now much respect for those who print. prize here in belgium was eek156.63 euro any ideas or improvements are welkom.


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That's awesome @nomad... but you really should save your money and buy a 3d printer.... That's outrageous for one part... If you buy a 3d printer you can make whatever you want and as many parts as you want....


yes there is always second better version from what you print. but a printer is for the moment not possible for me. i wanted to name the prize for anthony.

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Great ;-)))


How well does your new mod work with walking your robot ?



not good,need a lot off corrections. but the waist works well.


that's so awesome this is a great new addition to the already awesome JD, I wish i had a waist case for my robot omega, lol of course it would have to be on a bigger scale of course hopefully Anthony will add one or several style waist cases to his xlrobots website, id like to have one like chappie's waist case, it would fit perfect for the body style of omega.

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he will sure help you.and alot cheaper to.chappie is great robot.


the awesome JD ..:)


the conclusion off the waist case was not good. first its heavy and its wobling as you can see in the video. also the batt is rapid empty about 10 min. poses you make and realtime move are not the same ,jd intent to go further, cause off the weight.also a good bearing is needed. but its was fun to try it out.