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First Impressions

I arrived in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on Tuesday July 15th, 2013 with the DJ and the entire EZ-Robot team waiting to pick me up at the airport. After a quick introduction to everyone, I traveled with DJ in his car back to the office. It's so much bigger in reality than it looks on camera! It also turned out that they'd just broken down a wall last weekend to make the office bigger.

After spending a couple of hours looking around the office, DJ took me over to his house. We sat in the basement where EZ-Robot all began and DJ showed me a lot of cool robotics stuff and we had a great talk. We were getting kind of hungry, so I taught DJ the recipe for the typically Dutch recipe for 'Hete Bliksem'. While he was out to the grocery store picking up the ingredients, I was supposed to take a 1-2 hour nap which DJ would wake me up when he got home. Unfortunately, I was so vastly asleep that he wasn't able to wake me up. As a result to this, I woke up fully-rested at 3:30 AM. After spending about one and a half hours on my phone, I decided to go downstairs and taste DJ's attempt at making the hete bliksem. He did a great job! To make the breakfast even more delicious, I also had a ham-egg-cheese sandwich. I watched Futurama on Netflix until DJ woke up.

We left for the office at 11am, and when I arrived, I sat down behind my laptop and installed some necessary software to begin working on my intro presentation to the group. Then we went out for lunch at the Inglewood Drive-in. I had a cheeseburger and a float (root beer with ice cream). It may seem like a strange combination, but trust me, it did taste good! After this very special lunch, I prepared and gave a presentation introducing myself to the team members. I also had some nice conversations with the even nicer team members. EZ-Robot is like a family, and now I'm a part of it.

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That's awesome - not just the little description of Niek but did you say you had to sign for delivery of him?

I can't wait to watch "the adventures of Niek"


Yes, I was travelling unaccompanied so he had to sign for me at the airport :D


Awesome to hear everything is going good.

Lots of good eats around Calgary.

Poutine! Have you tried the poutine? :D


@Lumpy no, I haven't tried the poutine. It looks like a ball of grease :D


Cool. I've had this secret desire to go and meet dj and see where ez-robot started. Your sort of doing it for me.


It's so good. :D

Hoping to get down to meet you before you head home.

DJ touring you around? Heading to West Edmonton Mall or anything like that while you are here? or is it all business?


Very cool! You are going to have an amazing work experiance and touring around Calgary! Thanks for the vid, we can all greet you as well! I was hoping you were coming out FAR west to Vancouver and could meet up, but this is good too:) Keep us posted!:) ( dont forget to ask about the "mini EZ-Board " ) enquiring minds!


What a adventure! Going to be fun following your experience. Best of luck to you and the team.



Wow, now that's really awesome! DJ and the gang meeting you there at the airport and treating you like a visiting dignitary. Then taking you under his wing. Nothing like the Red Carpet treatment. EZ Robot never fails to amaze me.

Have fun! I wish I could tag along!


@dschulpius it is really awesome! And you can tag along, that's why I write the blog posts :)

@irobot58 there's some info on the EZ-Mini in the next video that's already been released!

@Lumpy During the weekends we'll be visiting various places. We're about to head off to a car show and this afternoon we'll be going to the Heritage Park.


We ended up going to Bannf instead. Stopped for some food:) User-inserted image


What video are you speaking about? I'd like to watch it and get some info on the Mini-EZ.

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This one Dave. Not a lot of info but some :)


Thanks Rich, I must have misses that thread. Very interesting. Niek looks like he's having the time of his life. :)