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Fine Tune Six'S Servos - Six Hexapod

A new lesson needs to be added Fine Tune Six's Servos - Six Hexapod

I looked at Fine Tune JDs Servos - JD Humanoid and did it for my Six, he works much better in movement and so on.


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Maybe they haven't finished the tutorial section yet?... I am sure ez robot realizes that and will get to it when they can... They have many other priorities right now....

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New tutorials are being added pretty much every day and have been for the last week or so.


I did Lever servo Calibration - EZ-Bit servo Calibration for my six, but @Rich said my six need it, after my dancing video.

So I did it, and my six works better.

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@jdebay... to clarify, did you just "calibrate" your servos or did you use the configure servo offset tool?


Even before assembly did servo calibration,

Then after Rich it needed more.

I did the fine tuning.


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To be fair, my Six was pretty much dead on however 2 servos did need fine tuning. On yours (@Jdebay) I just spotted that one or two servos were slightly angled when it should have been 90 degrees.

The method is the same for all robots. I know the fine tuning is under JD in the Lessons but the same applies to Six and Roli (and any brackets purchased without robot). What I'm getting at is would the lesson may be better placed under EZ-Bit servo Calibration rather than JD Humanoid?

If you did the Lever servo Calibration then it's just a case of fine tuning. Lever servo Calibration may not get all servos to align with the brackets.


Thank you, jdebay, your suggestion worked for my six. Even after zeroing all servos with the instructions (set all ports to 90-degrees) by taking them apart and changing the position of the bracket, several of my servos touched while performing a couple of the pre-writen motions...including the "Shutdown" command. I did what the JD-instruction said and it fixed it.