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Finally Really Starting On My Bot.

I saved all my discretionary income and was torn between buying a Nexus 7 when the 32gb version comes out or buying robot parts to get started on my real robot build (Boxbot has been fun, but not my ultimate goal). I decided to pull the trigger today and ordered a Sabertooth 2x25, some switching DC-DC converters to take the 24 volts from my batteries to 19 for the on-board Netbook and 7 for the EZ-B (24 will go to the Sabertooth to drive my wheelchair motors), a battery charger, and from EZ-Robot, some more connector cables to replace the ones I used experimenting in BoxBot, the patch cable set, and the pan and tilt kit for the camera.

When I get the body complete, I will still need an arm, and may need a heavy duty servo for the neck, but I am out of play money for now, so they will be add-ons.

I hope to get started on the build in a couple of weeks when everything is in and I am back home (going to be taking care of Mom for a few weeks when she is out of the hospital. Had heart surgery and lots of complications - no room at her place for Robot building).



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Can't wait to see pics Alan. Good luck to you and your mom.
Hey alan let me know if you need a high torque servo. I bought 6 more the other day to keep on hand. I would be happy to robot santa one to you.
What were you thinking of as far as a arm? Size ideas? I think I have a motorized claw you can have.
I was looking at the 6 servo arm from EZ-B, but I had a new idea today.

The main reason for the arm is to pick up the cat's toys and bring them to me to throw since she chases, but won't fetch (I had a cat 20+ years ago that fetched, so I am spoiled). Anyway, now I am thinking instead the big bot could have a garage on the front that has a little, mostly R/C bot inside (maybe a CellBot so I can drive it from my phone), and that could have a smaller less dexterous claw that could pick up the toys and bring them to me. It would also be able to retrieve toys from under the table where the bigger bot won't fit, so yeah, if you are in the mood to be Robo-Santa, I would be happy to partake. Email me at alan at thetechguru.net and I will send you my snail mail address.

I may have trade goods... I have a couple old Window Mobile phones and a couple not as old Android phones that make good WiFi web browsers, or can have VNC or other remote control clients. Can be used to remotely control a bot.

Alternately, when I bought the EZ-B, I also bought the 2.5 amp motor controller. It looks like I will not be using it any time soon if you need that.

Ill send your claw and digital 645mg servo ect tommorow buddy