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Female To Female Servo Cable?


making tons of progress on the wall-e. To the point i am now getting close to start adding sensors. I purchaed motion detection ir sensors and a 3 pin ping sensor. from radio shack

Since i dont have any, and i mean any, soldering skills....can i just use a female to female cable to connect a sensor to the ezb?

i found a female cable with no housing on the other end at the local HobbyPeople store. im not sure if they sell a female housing for the other end? the guy at the store is a moron and website dosent have the "image" of the item. so not sure if its what i need to make a f to f cable

I found some online but 3 week wait from hong kong....i dont know.

why? why no female to femal clables!!!!


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You need a Female to Male cable (also called "servo extension wires") to connect the servo to the EZ-B.
Shameless plug for Solarbotics, they have those cables (as well as other servo cable types) here
Sorry guys. I ment I want to connect 3 pin sensors to the ezb. So will the f to f work. That's for the links.
Hoolagen1 --

When you're talking about single jumper wires, what you need is referred to as Female to Female. But when you're talking about a set of three wires together, what you need is referred to as Male to Male. I realize it's confusing but it sort of makes sense once you get the hang of it.
That's my question I need the 3 cable set but with female housing at both ends.
Read my article on sensor modification.

This leaves the male to female cable that comes with the EZ-B Kit and by pluging a standard servo cable into it, you now have a long female to female cable.

Oh damn. You're right. Thanks man.